MGT 521 Norwegian Air Worksheet

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Norwegian Air Worksheet

Provide a 150- to 200-word response for each of the following. Include references where appropriate.

Explain the biggest challenges Norwegian Air experienced in trying to expand its airline across the globe.

In trying to expand its airline, Norwegian Air experienced a lot of challenges. The greatest challenge was that of climate change where by, human activity has increased so much resulting to emission of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Burning of these materials has led to high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This leads to a lot of heat beimng radiated to the earth making the temperatures to rise hence leading to global warming. All this happens as a result of green house effect. In addition to that, Norwegian Air also faced the challenge of acidification. With those challenges, the growth of airline across the globe became minimal and it grew at a very slow pace.

It also experienced challenges like, changing passenger taste, preferences and expectations, rapid growth, fluctuation in the prices of fuel whereby, it reached a point when the prices of the oil rose up to certain point that it was unaffordable. High prices in the fuel meant increased fare and with increased fare, only a few passengers could afford.Kjos suggests that, the only way to solve this problem of high fare in future is by reducing the prices which will act as a way of attracting new passengers and retaining the current ones.

Identify examples of ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric attitudes in this case. Explain why your selected examples illustrate these attitudes.

Ethnocentric is a term that refers to preferenceof one culture or judging other people’s culture by use of one’s own standards and values. Geocentric refers to something or situation that considers earth as the center while on the other hand, polycentric refers to the situation of having many centers and more especially, centers of control or authority. Ethnocentrism is seen where Norwegian Airline is seen as the largest Airline and its people’s preferred choices ue to fair prices.It is being compared with the other ailines in Europe and consideredthe best. In the same case, geocentrism is seen whereby, Norwegian Airline is seen as the center of everything. Every passenger prefers it due to its excellent services. Polycentrism is seen whereby, in Europe, there are many airlines. Kjos uses the wider-bodied jets for the purpose of providing cheaper flights internationally and over long diostances.

Explain cultural differences that are likely to arise between Norwegian employees working in Denmark and Sweden, and Thailand. How might these differences affect interpersonal interactions, and what can the company do to reduce any unintended conflict from these differences? Refer to Table 4.4.

Just like it happens in all other institutions, there is likely to arise some cultural differences between the Norwegian employees working in Sweden and Denmark, and Thailand. Different people have dfferent cultures, beliefs and values. Norwegians are perceived to be very happy people while Sweden people are taken perceived to take their things very serious. These differences in the way of life might bring some differences in future because what Norwegian people believe in is different from the others(A strategic analysis of the long haul low cost airlines in the UK. The Norwegian air shuttle case, n.d.). These differences if not handled well might end up affectingthe interpersonal interaction in the workplace and at the end of it all, it is the company that is affected the most. If the employees are not in good terms, there results a division which makes the output to decrease. Therefore, the company should take the responsibility of educating all the employees about respect amongst one another for the purpose of harmonious living and good interpersonal relations in the workplace.

Evalute themost important lessons to be learned about global management in this case.

In thscase,global management is evident and it a lesson that people should learn from Norwegian Airline.

The management and coordination of activities is very excellent throughout the globe. This airline has its crew members located across US, Asia and Europe. T has also established an online management system for the purposes of learning and educating its staff. It also has learned employees who are very competent and have high knowledge and skills. It uses advanced technology to coordinate all the activities across the globe

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