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I appreciate the opportunity to take on the responsibility of District Manager over five new Dunkin’ Donuts. I plan on creating a dynamic, energetic and inclusive team that will work together to increase profits, growth and develop people over the next two years. The following will explain my plan for job design which will include the job analysis, job description and job specification. As well as how the organization will be structured, recruiting strategy and training and performance goals.

Job Design

To begin the job design, I will connect with Human Resources to determine the positions needed for each location, the tasks each position will be responsible for, and our plan for selecting the right candidates. Together we will create a detailed job analysis, job description and job specifications.

Job Analysis

I will use reflecting planning and the experimentation method (Reilly, M., Minnick,C., & Baack, D, 2014) as Dunkin’ Donuts has a tried and true base structure. We will begin with the collaboration between myself and Human Resources about what the staffing needs and responsibilities include. For example, each location will consist of a team of 10 – 12. Staffing during peak hours will include; one baker, five register/runner/busser/customer service representatives, one manager and/or one assistant manager. Each team member will have a specific duty to ensure all functional areas are covered, each team member knows exactly what they are expected to do and duplication of tasks is eliminated. An evaluation of tasks for each position will be performed to analyze efficiency and adjustments will be made then tested again. This process will take place regularly to ensure the store stays on top of any advancements in the industry and/or employee feedback to improve processes and procedures.

Job Description

This section will include the job description and specifications for a store manager, which needs to be hired first. The Manager will assist in hiring the remaining team members. Dunkin’ Donuts prides itself in focusing on culture and engaged employees no matter what title an employee holds [(, 2018) and (Management Study Guide)].

Job Specification for this position include (, 2018)

Organizational Design

  • A minimum of four years of retail, restaurant or fast-food management experience
  • The ability to lead a team towards a common goal
  • Ability to improve sales growth while achieving customer satisfaction
  • A strong work ethic and drive to be the best

I have chosen to institute a machine bureaucracy organizational design (Reilly, M., Minnick,C., & Baack, D, 2014). The fast paced and routine tasks require formalization. As mentioned earlier each team member will have specific tasks that they will focus on. All front-line employees will report to the Assistant Manager. The Assistant Manager will report to the store manager and finally the Store Manager will report to the District Manager. The implementation of new tasks and strategies will flow from the District Manager to Store Managers/Assistant Managers and to the front-line.

Recruiting and Selection

A partnership with Human Resources will ensure jobs will be published on pertinent websites like and An employee referral program will be implemented to build ownership in the company. Employees that refer someone that gets hired and stays with the company for 90 days will receive a bonus.

The selection process will begin with a recruiter. The recruiter will vet applicants that meet the minimum requirements specified. Applicants that pass the recruiter evaluation will be interviewed by the store Assistant Manager and finally the Store Manager.

Training and Performance Appraisals

Training will consist of 1 week of offsite company culture specific training. Training will include but not be limited to, dealing with upset or difficult customers while retaining a great customer experience, order fulfillment, Dunkin’ Donuts culture and company policies (employee handbook). Following the offsite training there will be 1 week of onsite training with a mentor, a senior employee or Assistant Manager. The new employee will shadow the mentor and take on tasks as the mentor sees fit. By the end of the second week the new employee will be put on the floor but scheduled with their mentor for the following 2 weeks. After the 4 weeks the employee’s ability to work alone will be evaluated. If additional training is needed they will receive it.

Employees performance will be appraised by their mentor along with the Assistant Manager and Store Manager. Assessments will include; customer satisfaction, order accuracy, register audit accuracy and attitude. The Assistant Manager and Manager will conduct an assessment of each team member quarterly to determine if additional training or resources are needed. At this time the employee can provide any feedback or suggested improvements to the processes to be considered for the experimentations process.

In conclusion, I look forward to the opportunity to establish a job design which will include a job analysis, job description and job specifications for the five new Dunkin’ Donuts locations I will be overseeing. I believe the organizational design will keep the flow of communication fluid and intact. In collaboration with Human Resources, I have no doubt we will find the best team for all the stores. I believe the outlined training and performance strategy will keep the team motivated and include all the tools they will need to perform at the level that is expected of Dunkin’ Brands.


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