Interactive Assignment

Step 1: Self-Assessment

What do you do well?


Project Management

Inclusion – Including others in communications, important information, team building

Condense large amounts of information into small communications

Subject Matter Expert – SME

Problem solver

What energizes you?

When I feel appreciated

Being recognized for a job well done or good idea

Coming up with a new idea and seeing it be successful

Teaching others and seeing their success

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

Be a life coach, personal trainer or Psychiatrist

What high school subjects did you do well in?


Wood shop



What issues do family and friends come to you for help?

Relationship advice

Financial advice

Trip planning

What do you receive praise for at work or home?

Getting the job done

Coming up with good ideas

Being reliable


Go to person


Step 2: Career Exploration

While deciding on a goal, consider your current lifestyle and where you would like to be in the future. Some helpful questions to consider are listed below.

Does the career you want pay a salary that meets your needs?

Yes. Whatever the path I decide to pursue will fulfill my salary needs of 100K+ annually

Will it offer you opportunities to advance?

Yes. Marketing Managers can advance to Marketing Directors and Project Managers can advance to Project Manager Managers and Directors.

Are you comfortable sitting at a desk all day, or do you prefer to travel?

I can sit at a desk all day but I would rather not. Travel and working remote would be ideal.

Is the career you are considering likely to exist when you are ready for a job?

Yes. Marketing isn’t going away and neither is Project Management.

Step 3: Determining Your Non-Negotiable Items

Although we may not speak them aloud, we each have things we are not willing to compromise on. During this step, write out your must-haves for your future career.

To help get you started, think about the minimum salary you need to have, where you want to live, and desired work hours.

Must Have Do Not Want
Flexibility to work remote and flexible hours when needed A boss that backs me up and is fair to everyone on the team
Supportive and influential leader (low ego) A micromanager
Benefits – 401K match, PTO, Medical/dental Clique leadership
Competitive pay  Work nights/weekends
Valued. Not just a number and replaceable Bring my work home with me

Step 4: Pulling It All Together—Write the First Draft of Your Goal

Now that you have conducted a self-assessment, explored industries and occupations, and written down your non-negotiable items, what are your future career goals? Be as specific as possible.

I have so many interests that it’s hard to choose one career path. The path I am currently on, is to find a career that I can do from my laptop anywhere in the world. I decided to pursue my eMarketing degree because I have been working in Marketing for 10+ years so I have a jump start of knowledge but eMarketing has the potential to deliver my dream of working remote. I also enjoy Project Management and might continue my education journey to get a PM degree after my eMarketing degree. With an eMarketing degree and Project Management degree I believe I can find a career that fits my desires. I must have a salary of $100,000 or more, I would rather have flexible days and hours but 8 to 5 would be fine too. My future company would have great benefits including unlimited PTO, Medical/Dental, 401K match, and a stock purchase plan. I want to work for a company that truly values its employees and plays as hard as they word. My boss needs to be supportive and care about what’s right more than their ego. My boss will also give credit where credit is due as well as take them blame for projects/tasks that don’t go a planned. In short, I don’t want a boss that will throw me under the bus.

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