Milestone Two

Week 3 – Milestone Two



3 – Project Strategy Statement

5 – Project Methodology

10 – Business Requirements and Rules

Project Strategy Statement

Our product, the Hospital Electronic Records Application (HERA) is a subscription-based electronic medical records (EMR) web application, which allows hospitals, doctors, and health care providers, to house, store, and access medical data under one roof. Our objective is become the standard of medical data housing at both the state and government level, allowing access at different levels, depending on the clientele. Our product is unique, as we are incorporating what no other software has, which allows access via different platforms (computers, phones, and tablets). HERA will also allow third-party access (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to check/schedule appointments, have doctor visits/meetings via Facetime, as well as fill and check the status of prescriptions online. Our competitive edge is the value in our product, which can be customized to your needs, at a fraction of the price of our competitor’s software.

With HERA being a web based application (with storage and access using the Cloud), it can be accessed anywhere in the world, geographically as long as you have Internet access. Focusing on the US side first, we want to be able to provide a complete package within our subscription (rather than offering add on modules), which provides:

Customization if the key to achieving a fully-integrated system that allows your practice to maximize revenue potential, reduce operating costs, and boost operations efficiency and effectiveness. Allowing patients to use this portal to be reminded of appointments, access test results, connect with their insurance providers, and monitor the medical records, will allow the medical process to become more streamlined versus the inconveniences of long telephone calls and medical resources being wasted.

  • 24 hour, unlimited access and support
  • Application which run on all platforms of software (iOS, Windows)
  • Competitive pricing for database storage of your locations medical records, with redundant Cloud server storage and backups to ensure 99.9% uptime
  • HIPPA complaint
  • E-Prescribing medications
  • Efficient and effective solutions for creating custom templates, create practice-specific reports, medical billing.
  • Integration alerts, which can notify staff when actions are needed, such as follow-up appointments, pending insurance claims, coordination of special care.

HERA has the potential to improve patient experiences and positively impact cash flow and profit margins for physicians and private practice providers. By providing social media integration, we feel that this will enhance the customer experience and usage, being that people use applications such as Facebook on a daily basis. We feel we will be the pioneers in the social media market, being that we are researching trends, and will target marketing to actual patients who feel that our application will revolutionize the way they seek medical insurance and care at their leisure and convenience. By forecasting these trends, we are ahead of the existing EMR and EHR applications.

Project Methodology