MKG 315 Week 2 Brand Schema

Brand Schema

Quantracia MuexMkg 315 week 2Grantham University

Schemas & Associative Network

Schemas is a mental framework that develops from experiences with particular people, objects or events. Ones understanding of what something is or how it work.

Associative Network is a chain of associations between related concepts. In which both of these deal with storage of the memory.


{073A0DAA-6AF3-43AB-8588-CEC1D06C72B9}Brad Value1-YR. value changeBrand RevenueCompany AdvertisingIndustry$7.5 B Dollars8%$84.7 B Dollars$571 M DollarsRetail


I interviewed five people of different ages on Walgreens, I chose Walgreens because I only know a little about the company and it is on that is at the corner of my block, so I knew that this would be a good research company because the subjects I interviewed see this business a lot.


Lester (22)BandagesPharmacyGift cardsPet CareBeverages

Macaiah (14)Corner CandyPadsAs seen on Tv productsBody wash

Yvonne (32)SuppliesTissuePhone ChargerPharmacyDeals

Arrianna (18)Feminine ProductsPrescriptionsGreeting CardsMake-upNear By

Herb (42)Bill PayCash BackPicturesCleanCoupons

When asked one work Walgreens this is what the five subjects responder to and I also given their ages because of the I wanted to know how the ages group played a part in what the thought if any.

Associative Network

Bill Pay TissueNear ByBeverageCash BackMake –upPrescriptionBandagesGift CardsCandy

Feminine ProductsGreeting CardsPharmacyCouponsPet CareSuppliesPhone ChargerDealsA seen on TvPads

CleanCornerPicturesPharmacyBody Wash

Associative network




Pet Care


Greeting card & Gift Cards

Body Wash


Sanitary napkins


Bill Pay


AS seen on TV

Just a little about the people I interviewed they were all family and friend. Lester is 22 and view of the research Opened his eyes on how one word can produce many other things. Herb is 42, is my husband I asked him and he thought I was going to send him to the store so he didn’t want participate at first but he came around and it was very interesting, Macaiah 14, thought on her age level, like pads but Yvonne32 said sanitary napkins although the same thing the store actually have them both listed. Arrianna 18 was very easy to do this research on because all of her answer just flowed right out and The words was production words like she said make-up and not cosmetics department which make-up, hair care would fall under this Schema. I wanted to do the power point because I thought it would be productive.