MKT 100 week 6 Discussion

Pricing StrategyPenetration PricingPricing SkimmingPremium PricingCompetitive PricingEconomy PricingPromotional Pricing BusinessBentley MotorsMotorolaKohl’sDish Network

Bentley Motors – Premium Pricing. Bentley Motors has a reputation for the high quality of their vehicles. These vehicles are priced extremely high and have substantial quality. Bentley uses this strategy because the company spends a lot of time and money in marketing and production so to ensure a profit they have the car price at premium price to make profit.


Motorola – Competitive Pricing. Motorola primarily is known for manufacturing phones, but because there are so many other companies making similar phones, they use competitive pricing. Other companies such as Nokia, Blackberry, and Apple often have similar phones with many features. In order for Motorola to stand apart from those companies, the prices of the phone would need to be lower than those of the other companies. This strategy is that of competitive pricing.


Kohl’s – Economy Pricing. Kohl’s mission is for its customers to expect great things for a fair price. Although generally they tend to target the middle-class family, this department store is generally good for a bargain on occasion. This could be competitive pricing as well, considering Kohl’s top competitors such as Walmart and Target are in the business of discounting merchandise. But economy pricing seems to fit this strategy.


Dish Network – Promotional Pricing. Dish Network has been known to use extensive advertisement for promotional offers. They use promotional pricing to get customers to buy their services instead the services of their top competitors. Dish Network offers T.V. and internet services at a discounted rate similar to rates of Direct T.V. and Time Warner Cable, so promotional pricing is definitely a strategy this company uses often.

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