Keegan Rodgers Niche Presentation

Niche Market & Customer Involvement: Kudler Fine Foods

MKT/431Robert Etter

Why Marketing Matters

Capturing Importance: Shift

From product to co-created solutions & experiences:don’t presume you can understand medon’t try to capture me captivate and engage me!From promotion to communication within communities: I want interconnected interactions with like-minded others. not information.

Shift: Continued

From price to customizable personal value I am not a cost-to-serve or one of manyThere are many vendors to choose fromWhy should I choose your company?From place to choice and convenienceI am here; why are you not?Time and accessibility are important to me

Customer Feedback Solicitation

For Current Store Locations:Incentivized SurveysIn-store, at POS Online, via Kudler Website, and Social Media For Prospected Store Locations:Low to No-cost SurveysNear Competitors’ area of business: foot traffic Near prospected area

Showing Resolve (USP)

Customer “Insight at work” Bulletin Boards (per store)Can look to have been hand-written/PaintedCan be conveyed on a digital LED screenCan be communicated Online, per location.Exceptional products/Customer Opinion-driven ServiceConsistently proves level of value place on our customersHelps KFF maintain relevance in the changing markets Builds customer camaraderie in/outside of store.

Potential Target Market Niche

Walnut Creek, Ca. / La Jolla, Ca. Male Population: 46.2% (48.8 %) Female Population: 53.8% (51.2 %)Median Income: $76,522 ($84,428)Avg. P.P. Household: 2.09 2.95Avg. Home Price: $857,136 $840,951

Positive Affects of Customer Feedback

The 4 P’sHaving the right ProductProduct placementProduct Priced to sellProduct presentation / availability

The 4 C’sHaving a Co-Created productOpen CommunicationProduct ConvenienceCost = Experience / Value


Creation of a winning marketing niche is achieved through targeted customer feedback, having the right message and customer involvement.


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