MKT 571 Week 5 Team Assignment: Media Options

Media options



Effective advertising = profit and salesLearning Team B’s chosen brand = Starbucks2 chosen media methods:Traditional media method = PostcardNew media method = Facebook Advertisement

Traditional vs new media

Traditional media includes television, radio, newspaper, magazines, post cards and ads. New media is preparing businesses for the future of advertising and marketing. It is a faster means of getting information out to consumers and companies.

New media

Facebook is the best new media platform for Starbucks. Facebook is primarily made up of the same demographic Starbucks targets. 79% of all adults use Facebook. Facebook has made steady growth. Facebook has continued to bring innovative technology expanding marketers abilities. Starbucks large fan base allows them to rely solely on word of mouth marketing and earned marketing.

Starbucks traditional media method – postcards

PostcardsTraditional Reintroduced

Starbucks traditional media method – Other Print


Full Color Ads –MagazinesNewspapersTells a Story


It is proven that the older, more traditional media methods do not have the same effect as the newer media methodsFacebook is not only a platform for Starbucks, but for the coffee drinker as wellSocial media provides an outlet for people to share their stories and their love for coffee with others on a global scale


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