MPM468-1404B-01 Discussion board phase 5

Discussion board phase 5

Week 5


This course has been one of the most important since it equips a person with the skills that are necessary to manage a project. First I would like to thank Prof. James Velic for taking us through the course and correcting where necessary. Some of the most compelling topics in this course include motivation of team members which is crucial since cooperation is needed, project conflict and stress which aims at identifying problems with team members and resolving them, communication style which is important for showing the styles to communicate effectively with team members, and lastly communication plan and leadership strategy (Christian, 2004).

Conflict management strategy is also one of the topics that have been most compelling in this course. All these courses are important in that they help us relate with the management of a project. The strategies should be observed all aiming in ensuring that the project succeeds in attaining its goals and objectives. Motivation of team members should be in the upfront of ensuring that the team is productive. As a project manager we learn various tests in this course that help in determining whether the team is motivated or not. Also, the most important thing is to foster fairness and being considerate while working with junior members (Christian, 2004).

Participating in the discussion forums helped me a lot and I am sure that we all benefited from it. Responses from students helped me a lot to realize where problems and points that was not clear. I thank all my classmates for the interactive forums and the knowledge they helped me gain. In addition to that, discussions helped me acquire new knowledge regarding the topics learned in this course. Understanding the topics is important since they are practical and need to be applied once in the organization. To this week am satisfied with the discussion and I have nothing that need to be clarified.

The discussion post can be improved if it is used in for formative assessment, and also by giving active and thoughtful responses. According to Hart (2006), this will he help in guiding the students in understanding the topics. Discussion become more effective if the responses of other students can accumulate hence allowing the student get a wider picture of the scope of the topic (Hart, 2006). To conclude, the discussion through this class has been one of the best. I would like to wish all students all the best in the final.


Hart, P. (2006). Managing online forums everything you need to know to create and run successful community discussion boards. New York: AMACOM.

Christian, T. (2004). Conflict management & conflict resolution in corrections. Lanham, Md.: American Correctional Association.

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