MSIT3410‐01 Homework


1. Preparing

1.1 List the system requirement

1.2 Recognize the cost

1.3 Measure progress periodically

1.4 Purchase required hardware

2. User interface design

2.1 Setting dialog

2.2 Splash page with hourglass while systems loads

2.3 Home page design

2.3.1 Setting watermark

2.3.2 Functionality menu design

3. Database design

3.1 Create import table

3.2 Create tempt tables for dedup process

3.3 Create history tables

3.4 Setting T-SQL

4. Transfer procedure to development department


Frame development

1.1 overall frame development

1.2 unit frame development

1.3 standardize software architecture

The main function development

2.1 the main page function development

2.2 the popup interface development

2.2.1 payment interface

2.2.2 searching interface

2.2.3 confirmation interface–connect with the iPhone wallet

The background database setting

3.1 Solve the problem of dual system redundancy

3.2 Write code about automatic deletion

3.3 Keep separate data and create folders

Improve the connection between the front end and the background

4.1 double side connecting to the database

Transfer procedure to quality inspection department


Receive App and install

1.1 Necessary procedures before data monitoring

1.2 Convening staff to explain the procedure

2. Vulnerability detection

2.1 First check if the previous vulnerability is perfect

2.2 Compatibility check

2.2.1 Mobile terminal compatibility

2.2.2 PC compatibility

Security test

3.1 Payment program security

3.2 Database Information System Security

Privacy test

4.1 User ticketing system privacy

4.2 User Personal Information Security Test


1.UAT planning(10)

1.1 Prepare the user training manual. (2)

1.2 Determine the point person for directing UAT testing and form a UAT team. (3)

1.3 Identify, build, and verify the testing environment.(5)

2.UAT execution(10)

2.1 Develop test strategies.(10)

2.1.1 In house testing.

2.1.2 Network testing.

2.2 Track test case executions and record all results(10)

3. UAT reporting(10)

3.1 Collect test cases(2)

3.2 Analyze test results(4)

3.3 Improve ticketing application based on user feedback(4)

4. UAT completed (1)

4.1 Transfer the ticketing application to the Implementation department


Collecting data

Putting application into the market

Collect data

Organize and summarize data

Get marketing list with data


2.1 Place advertisements on relevant websites and forums

2.2 Advertising through customer information in database

2.3 Adjust advertising mode and type through actual sales effect

3. Marketing activities

3.1 Design marketing activities according to marketing list

3.2 Adjust marketing campaign based on feedback

4. Implementation completed

4.1 Fulfill customer needs

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