Ticketing Application Update

Ticketing Application Update

IT Project Mgmt Fundamentals

Clark University

Problem Statement:

There are discrepancies between the current application’s ticketing system and customer relationship management system, resulting in repeated occurrence of data and more useless information. It takes more time and reduces work efficiency during data extraction. Therefore, we need to integrate the current ticketing system and customer relationship management system.


For this application, the most important thing we need to do is combing these separate functions as one. At first, we need a brand new database for this application. Because of the function of this application, we need save lots of users personal information and we need an online bank account for this application. The profitability of this application is selling tickets, which means we need more concerned about the InfoSec ability of this application. Secondly, we need a program in this database which can delete the repeating data in this application and we cannot refresh the data in previous database.(This part of the content is the most important place to be protected in the entire design process. We should try our best to ensure that we will not damage the existing data before updating the database.) Under the condition that the original data is unchanged, we should delete all previous duplicate data. For those cases where are multiple usage records of a single user, a browse able pop-up box should be established. In this new page, we can browse all information about this one.

Sources we need: we need as soon as possible to finish this application, so this one need to outsourcing to some professional company. The second thing is we need to refresh the hardware of our company, we need double the size of out database and more intelligent computer to manage our data. Last bout not least, we cannot change so much about the previous application interface.

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