MTH 216 Quantitative Reasoning II Project – Final Presentation

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Health Services and Nursing Scenario


Health Services and Nursing Scenario

I chose Topic 1; Health Services and Nursing ScenarioHealth related topics and specifically Nursing has been my are of interest since I love seeing people lead a healthy life. Data analysis, trends and prediction for the future.

Table of Values

{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}YearCountyZip CodeMedicare payers2003Humbolt90001356122004Humbolt90001374122005Humbolt90001398412006Humbolt90001401232007Humbolt90001431222008Humbolt90001441252009Humbolt90001512292010Humbolt90001597482011Humbolt90001570082012Humbolt90001567272013Humbolt90001579852014Humbolt9000163123

Scatter Plot

Pie Chart

Line Graph


Health Services and Nursing ScenarioThe predicted Medicare Players for 2018 is 58,096 .Medicare Players Steadily Increases over time, the answer follows the trend so this is a correct answer based on this calculation.This isn’t an accurate representation since the population has not been taken into consideration. Put the population increase under consideration.

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