Multicultural Counseling Video Analysis

Multicultural Counseling Video Analysis


University of Phoenix

Counselors help clients to become aware of their own expression of cultural identity by using different techniques that can help to talk to the client about what could be bothering them especially if they are new to the area that they could be facing some challenges as they are trying to adjust to the new surroundings. In the first video the counselor was talking to the client about reason why she was feeling that she was not smart enough, and he was trying to get answers as to what else could be bothering the client as well, such as this being the first time that she has been away from her family and he culture. The client has been feeling the pressures of trying to fit in within a different culture and also this being the first time that she has been away from home. When the counselor brought all of this to the client attention she was more aware that there were more aware that she could be struggling with and that she look at them as well.

The multicultural issues that are affecting clients and the situations that they are in at the moment are that clients who come from different cultures have different skin tones, and may have trouble fitting in with people who are used to the area and cultural norms that are within the community that the client lives in. Also clients can have a hard time adjusting from one culture to another especially if they have left family and friends behind in another state or area, this can have negative effects on the client causing them to become socially isolated or even homesick causing negative thoughts and experiences.

The strategies that the counselors are using to help to identify areas that are causing multicultural issues are: viewing clients culturally. This skill highlights the way culture shapes human functioning. Clarifying the impact of culture and clarifying thimpact of cultural contexts on current functioning, interpersonal relationships and social system. This skill is useful when clients are unaware of cultures influence on their lives. Creating culturally appropriate relationships, with this skill enacting a therapeutic relationship that matches clients’ expectations is a foundational skill that is particularly useful at the beginning of counseling. Celebrating diversity with these skills let the client know that they should be proud of their culture and the customs that they have, if many other people learn more about you and your culture they may be more willing to accept you and have a better understanding of you. Counselors use these and other strategies to help the client become more self-aware of the problems that they could be facing due to the cultural differences and the client not even being aware of the issues that could be causing their negative side effects or their line of thinking. The counselors are taking positive aspects of the client and their cultures and helping the client to see the positive aspects of who they are and using the strengths that they have to help them realize that they need to celebrate diversity and be happy with who they are.

When it comes to culture is my own life, I have never really looked at it, as my family does not have really any cultural beliefs or customs, we basically just do what is the social norm for the most part. I grew up in a community that had no diversity and was mainly while people, however now because of the lack of diversity that I had when I was younger it has been a challenge to try and look beyond the stereotypes and the racism that does surround the many different cultures that have started to move into the area in the last 20 years. In the community that I live we have Hmong culture which is of Asian decent and they have many different customs and have been the root of a lot of the crime in the area with gangs and violence (not intended to be a stereotype). This has caused some of the racism in the area as well. In the last couple of years African American have come into the area, and I am not rasict by no means, but much of the drug problem that we have with heroin and meth, and other substances are related back to the African American culture as well, I have always been a little leery of this culture basically because of the media outlets and how they portray them. I however do have many friends that are of African American decent and are some of the nicest people in the world. Every culture has the good ones and the bad ones. Because of the lack of culture growing up in my community it has made me stereotype and had actually hurt me as a person not growing up and learning about different cultures as I grew. As I have gotten older I however have been exposed to many different cultures and have learned through looking into the cultures and their beliefs system and it has helped to look at every culture with a whole new perspective. I think that the way that the Hmong culture views its family and other events in their life’s that other cultures could take things like this and learn from them to help them grow as well. I believe that doing research on other cultures has helped me to grow as a person that has become more self-aware of the things that I was saying and doing that could of offended the other culture and it has also helped to be grow as a person and be willing to learn from the different cultures and appreciate them for who they are and their customs and beliefs and the fact that they can still keep them alive in a community where social norms are so much different form their own. This has helped me to look more at my own morale’s and values and I have realized that I was going against some of them by stereotypes and when I do make statement, I quickly realize that I was in the wrong, and have been working on not doing that anymore and entering situations with a clean open mind about why the client or culture is seeking services.