Community Teaching Experience Form

Community teaching plan: community health center



Community teaching plan: community health center

Rationale for the teaching plan

The target audience of the community education program is the Community Health Care Centre. This system is meant to assists the people in the community to make efforts in prioritizing on their healthy living by consuming healthy diets, improving their environments and seeking health care facilities whenever they get unwell.

Community teaching plans allows a better assessment of the health intervention programs to make sure that the community benefits fully and that enough knowledge if surpassed to them. Community health teaching plan is not limited to only the medical care setting but also involve the community leaders, the community workers, direct education in schools and the mass communication campaigns in the community. All these levels in a community assists to educate the population on matters relating to health.

Teaching experience plan

The trend in the community teaching plan in community health centers need to employ many intervention programs so as to achieve a positive change within the population. Intervention programs are important since they facilitate a faster change in the risky activities that affect the health of the community. The design of the community life is what dictated the health status of society. The community health care center educates people on how to live healthy lives. (Association, October 14, 2014)

Community health centers are meant to offer their services to a range of the community population who mostly have problems socially and economically. The services available in a specific community health care center depend on the needs of the individuals surrounding the area. The aim of offering services as for the needs of the surrounding population in a community is for the maximization of the health promotion and disease prevention together with its management and especially to the vulnerable group in the community (Simmons, May 27, 2010).

The community health care center services aim to encourage people to voluntarily take care in their care. The health centers in the community partners with other health care agencies so as to fill all the gaps created in the society health wise. More so, the centers assists promote the prevention of lifestyle diseases and conditions through sensitization programs.

Community experience plan

Where the intervention programs are conducted well, the population is seen to respond much in community mobilization tomes of doing community work that contributes to upgrading their health status. Some of the services offered in the community health centers are like the counseling and support services, dental services, aged care services, pediatrics and maternity services, community outreach services, disability and rehabilitation programs.

Creating time for community members to attend the programs at a convenient time for all of them facilitates participation that motivated people to change their risky heath behavior. The governments of all nations have enabled the sustenance of such institutions since they greatly improve the health of a nation at large since they can reach even the needy in the most remote areas.

Areas of strengths and weaknesses

The population in a community having the will to attend the intervention programs, there needs to consider the language or the model being used to communicate to the population. This is because in the community level there are the illiterate who often do things out of ignorance including on ways that they take care of their health. The models used to pass the information to the population need to have been proven to impact positively on a community population. More so, the timing of these interventions should be that time when the target group is available and a high percentage is present during the programs


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