Community Assessment and Analysis – PowerPoint Presentation

Community assessment and analysis

Of the South Bronx, New York

The south bronx population

The poorest urban congressional district in the country The population suffers high rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, asthma, HIV/AIDS, and infant mortalityPrimarily Hispanic/Latino and African American dominant High unemployment rates Higher rate of assault-related hospitalizations

South Bronx Barriers

Lack of educationSocial economic conditionsHousing and neighborhood conditions

South Bronx Barriers

Maternal and child Health Health careHealth outcomes

Community assessment

Funding source of the South Bronx The mayor has placed funding to the Bronx to improve and provide high quality life for residents and visitorsConvert the 149th Street Bridge into a Public PlazaCreate a Business Improvement FundUpgrade of the BronxWorks Public Swimming Pool Facility

Partnerships in the south bRONX

The programs and partnerships in the south Bronx: Catholic Charities New YorkInwood HouseMount Sinai Adolescent Health CenterSouth Bronx Health CenterBronx Immigration PartnershipHostos Community CollegeNew York City FCWorld Vision

Partnerships in the south bronx

Health department programsBronx Healthy Schools InitiativeBronx Teens Connection

South Bronx provider

Dr. Arastu works in the south Bronx community. He has recognized the health disparities in the community and the assistance lacking in the community. The south Bronx has one of the highest rates of Asthma due to the air pollution in the this environment. Dr. Arastu works closely with health educators to properly educate patients on asthma management. High rates of HIV/Aids are within the South Bronx community. Dr. Arastu has dedicated his time and expertise in working with HIV/Aids patients to become complaint with medications.

South bronx Health Care provider

The organization Dr. Arastu works for has also recognized the need for quality health care in the south Bronx. The organization provides a sliding scale fee as low as $15.00 for those of low income. Currently the organization holds 11 clinical sites, majority serving the Bronx community. Kitchen cooking demo for healthier nutrition, is provided to those living with chronic diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. Free wellness/ exercise classes are provided to patients.

South bronx Health Care provider

When asked what is his mission while serving the South Bronx community Dr. Arastu stated, “the community has come along way from when I started to work here. My patients mean a lot to me and working with the patients conditions and environment is important to create complaint patients. As health care providers we need to keep in mind the patients we are serving. For example I see many patients who live with chronic diseases, IVDU, complicated health backgrounds, and live in extreme poverty. To provide quality health care the patients environment outside of the clinic needs to have quality as well. Health conditions, spaces provides better outcomes. The only way to achieve positive outcomes for this population is working with organizations, the state, and stakeholders to make this happen. My mission is to be part of this goal inside and outside of the clinic”.

Health promotion

Asthma management and PreventionAsthma health promotion is the highest concern for the Bronx community Strategies and policies are needed to provide prevention on asthma hospitalizationsTackling chronic diseasesThe Bronx Health REACH, has initiated both long-term community-based research and interventions to address the high rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

The community of the south bronx

Many actions are taking place in the South Bronx community to improve the quality of life. Among my findings there is a growing evidence of racial and ethnic disparities in health the Bronx. “Health care providers and community and faith-based organizations, is engaged in an effort to identify and eliminate the root causes of health disparities in their Bronx neighborhood”(“Making Health Equality A Reality: The Bronx Takes Action,” 2017).

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