NRS 440VN Week 5 Discussion 1

Identify the educational preparation and role(s) of the clinical nurse leader (CNL) designation. Give an example of how the CNL influences direct patient care whether in a hospital or out in the community.


Education preparation.

The CNL is a propelled clinician with instruction at the graduate degree level. Graduate training is fundamental on the grounds that the CNL must bring an abnormal state of clinical skill and information to the point of care and to fill in as an asset for the nursing group. The graduate degree with a noteworthy in nursing will plan graduates for a propelled part.


The CNL regulates the parallel incorporation of administer to a particular gathering of patients and may effectively give coordinate patient care in complex circumstances. The CNL puts confirm based practice energetically to guarantee that patients advantage from the most recent developments in care conveyance. The CNL gathers and assesses understanding results, surveys accomplice chance, and has the basic leadership specialist to change mind arranges when important. This clinician capacities as a major aspect of an inter professional group by conveying, arranging, and executing care specifically with other medicinal services experts, including doctors, drug specialists, social laborers, clinical attendant pros and attendant professionals (Clark, 2017). The CNL part is not one of organization or administration. The CNL is a pioneer in medicinal services conveyance over all settings, not simply in intense care. Execution of this part will fluctuate crosswise over settings.

example of how the CNL influences direct patient care:

The clinical nurse leader is a master’s-prepared nurse who assumes accountability for healthcare outcomes for a specific group of clients within a unit or setting through the assimilation and application of research-based information to design and also implement plus evaluation of client plans of care.


Clark, C. (2017). Creating & sustaining civility in nursing education. Sigma Theta Tau.