Dissemination of Project Results

Dissemination of Project Results






Dissemination of Project Results

There are several strategies aimed at dissemination of the project’s results. These include the use of continuous medical evaluations, print media, newspapers, journals, medical websites, emails, and the use of reports. Following the completion of the project, I will come up with a project report that captures all the parameters of the project from the beginning. I will then upload this to my website and disseminate it within the hospital so that most hospital staff get access to it. Print outs will also be made and disseminated within the nursing department to assess their response to the project. These will also be made available to the various stakeholders and the nursing community at large to ring them on board and to ensure their input is incorporated into the study .

Next, with the help of the administrative and human resource section, I will advocate for a continuous medical evaluation session, inviting all the stakeholders and the nursing community at large. It is within this continuous medical evaluation that I will launch my project plans, explain the justification and the benefits that will be brought about if the project is to be implemented. These are often the most effective forums since individuals are usually very attentive. There will also be a face to face interactive session to ensure grey areas are clarified and any arising issues addressed. Direct mails and newsletters will also be used to update the stakeholders of the progress. This will be done almost immediately following the submission of the report to ensure they are kept abreast with the results of the project .

One to one contact with the stakeholders and the nursing community at large will also be incorporated. This will ensure individual concerns are addressed. The media will also be used. Medical websites such as Medscape, PubMed and NCBI will also be used to ease the access of the report and make it easy to comment on and add other recommendations, especially by the stakeholders and the nursing community .