Organizational Culture and Value PowerPoint Presentation

Organizational Culture and Value

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Organizational Culture and Values Objectives:

The mission, vision, and values of an organization is to engagement nurses, as well as a patients’ wellness. Conflict Management and the influence and handling such, provides reasoning how values and the culture is impacted and ways to resolve.Management to resolve conflict within workplace. Organizational needs and the effect on the correlating to improve health.

Goals of Mission, Vision, and Values within an organization

Mission-Definition of the purpose and objectives of an organization. Vision-Description of and organizations purpose and goals or accomplishments in mid-term or long-term futureValues-Identification and the influence or an organizations’ identity, culture, structure, and it’s influences. (Gorenak & Kosir, 2012).

Nurse Engagement & patient outcome

Opportunities of team building between staff and leadership Positive and supportive work environment Boost staff and build commitment Increases quality of care and patient outcome

Mission, Vision and Values Influence on Patient Care Outcomes

Enable a positive culture within the organization. Roles and responsibilities are valued by employees. Shared-value fundamentals are integrated.Patient outcome and satisfaction refined.Job performance and satisfaction of nurses boosted.

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Factors of Conflict

Deficient communication skillsUndefined structure of an organizationUnclear roles and responsibility Insufficient resources Shortfall in professional commitment (Spagnol, Santiago, Campos, Badaró, Vieira, & Silveira, 2010)

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Addressing conflict

Guiding leadership and managementSelf-awarenessEvaluation and understanding Development of strategies to reduce conflictCollaboration Positive culture within organization Clear mission, vision, and values(Tsai, 2011).

Conflict resolutionstaff Encouragement

Provides a respecting and trusting environmentSupports education through different entities and levels of leadershipAdvocating relationships and collaborationsDefining team structures and communication skillsImplementation of conflict management(Tsai, 2011)

Positive effects of organizational culture

Accomplish established goalsSatisfaction of staffSatisfaction of patients and improved quality outcomeFinancial achievements and successesCreating successful organizational structureBalanced and strong leadership(Mallak, Lyth,Olson, Ulshafer, Ulshafer, & Sardone, 2003)

Disadvantages of negative organizational culture

Unclear goals, missions and values. Turnover rate of nursesOutcomes and experiences of patientsManagement/Leadership

Improvement of health within an organization

Leadership involvement and dedicationSupportive social and physical environmentEmployee empowerment Well thought out communication to provide education, motive, and ensure trustPrudent procedures to enable patients wellness

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