NU 500 Discussion 1: Theoretical Foundations in Nursing

Discuss the value of theory to the profession of nursing (Nursing Practice, Nursing Education, Nursing Research, or Nursing Management).

The nursing theory is beneficial to nursing, helping us to identify the importance of the nursing profession (Nieswiadomy, 2012). It helps us give us our identity to the nursing field. Nursing theory provides the practice knowledge to assist in changes to improve a process or barriers for us or our patients (Chinn & Kramer, 2018). The theory we develop from an idea developed helps us to define our idea or concept to improve the lives of our colleagues, patients, or families.

Identify one way in which you could use theory to improve your practice in your present or future role.

The use of creative theory to improve nursing practice would be with my diabetic patients (Chinn & Kramer, 2018). Many people living in a rural low-income community needing a diabetic eye exam. I would work with others and a vender to meet at the public library to offer free diabetic eye exams if they had insurance with a specific company. This would provide a neutral area for comfort. During this time, I provided additional information regarding the importance of managing diabetes and annual eye exams. I would use the creative theory with my knowledge and contacted members needing eye exams.

Be sure to supplement your discussion with your personal and professional experiences.

The relationships with personal contact and information for the members can develop trust at a non-threatening location at the public library. A personal invitation to a free event to better improve health and understanding of the disease process. The free eye exams have identified member with diabetic retinopathy early treatment. During the day for few members were identified not being able to read, write, or a language barrier with their provider. Many who need someone to listen since they do not always voice their fears. Nurses are the first line to observe, listen, and educate others in many places.


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