NU 500 Unit 2 Discussion – Nursing Metaparadigms

Unit 2 Discussion – Nursing Metaparadigms

Nursing Metaparadigms

The metaparadigm nursing is the one that I feel works best for my current nursing practice. The text incorporates the nursing paradigm in, “care of the well, care of the sick, assisting with self-care activities, helping individuals attain their human potential, and discovering and using nature’s laws of health (McEwen & Wills, 2019, p. 42).

Related Experience

In my current nursing position, I do a lot of triage calls, however I do see a lot of patients in the clinic. Speaking to them over the phone and seeing them in clinic helps me relate to them on multiple levels. We do not just see and treat patients for their urological concern, we also help set up home care, nursing home stays, hospital stays, and help their families coordinate their care. The metaparadigm nursing relates to this the best. I also consider this comprehensive nursing.

Comparing Orem and Watson

The interpretations of both D. Orem and J. Watson are similar in the sense that they both agree that the metaparadigm has to do with outcomes of patient’s care, however Watson’s interpretation is that the outcomes of someone’s health has to do with their interactions with others. Orem’s interpretation is more based off of technology predicting a patient’s outcome, as opposed to people. They are both correct as it relates to patient’s outcomes, but I do not think the interpretation should be limited to either people or surroundings influence a person’s outcome; they should be intermixed.

Related Experience

In my current job, the nursing metaparadigm is used greatly, and incorporates both the interpretations of Watson and Orem. Both technology/scientific knowledge and human interactions are applied with every patient’s situation, in order to provide the best nursing care. If a patient has a urinary tract infection, the scientific knowledge of urine cultures and correct antibiotics are used, as well as personal interactions with practitioners and nurses in actually providing the care are incorporated and are required in my current nursing job..


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