NU 500 Unit 3 Discussion – Patterns of Knowing

Unit 3 Discussion – Patterns of Knowing

Personal Knowing

  1. What is personal knowing; how does your personal knowing affect your personal professional development?
  2. Identify and discuss 2 professional strengths and 2 weaknesses that you have
  3. How can you apply nursing theory to address your weaknesses and further develop your strengths?
  4. Be sure to supplement your discussion with your personal and professional experiences.

Personal knowing is being self-aware. Personal knowing is not only being aware of your own actions, language, behaviors, attitudes, or opinions, but also your situation and surroundings. Personal knowing can lead to growth and development towards a better fluidity in thinks like unity, truth, and one’s own feng shui (Kramer & Chinn, 2018). If you have better personal knowing, you are more cognizant of what you are doing. This directly relates and affects personal professional development. Sometimes if I fell my personal knowing has decreased, my work productivity also goes down, and some would say I am doing my work “mindlessly.”

Strengths & Weaknesses

My two professional strengths are independence and organization. I am extremely organized, and I also work much better on my own. My two weaknesses are lack of creativity and difficulty delegating tasks. It is difficult for me to delegate to others, because it is hard for me to trust that something will be done correctly. I usually just end up doing everything myself. This is probably my biggest weakness and I definitely need to work on this.

Application to Nursing Theory

Nursing theory can be applied to my lack of ability to delegate because if I use theory to correlate why certain tasks and projects need to be delegated, I will have a better understanding which healthcare member does what and why they do it. Using theory in my strengths will help improve my organization. If I have an understanding of nursing theory, and the theory and process behind things, that can improve my physical organization while I am work. If reason and rationale is used in my work, that will improve organization in my thoughts and in my everyday work.


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