Nursing Synthesis Paper

RUNNING HEARD: Synthesis – Journey as RN to BSN

Synthesis – Journey as RN to BSN

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of

Course N4685 RN to BSN Capstone

I originally was supposed to start in August of 2014. However, there were delays in receiving my international educational transcript. I started the RN to BSN program at the University of Texas at Arlington in November of 2014. It was the last start date for that fall semester.

I decided to take two courses at a time, because I did not want to delay my time with completing the program. For the summer semester, I decided to take four classes to make sure that I would finish in exactly a year from when that I had started. Since my start in the program, I took two classes each start date. The reason as to why I took classes on each start date, because I wanted to graduate on time within a year time. I also wanted to receive to learn recent informational updates to nursing that I could not get from the workplace.

Before partaking into the RN to BSN program, I was not strong in leadership. After being near to the end of this RN to BSN program, I can say this program helped to become a better leader and strengthen my qualities in leadership. I am now able to lead a group of people to a common, successful group. In my hospital workplace, I became a charge nurse on my unit floor. Sometimes, I take lead in being a substitute unit manager, when the unit manager is absent.

The course, Nursing Management, in leadership qualities

Another example of how RN to BSN program helped me is becoming confident with presenting. Before entering into this program, I was timid when presenting ideas towards a seminar. An example, during skilled fairs or demonstrations, I was nervous in what I was doing when demonstrating a nursing awareness issue. I talked fast in order to get through the presentation. I believe that creating my Capstone from the Capstone course and doing the preparation assignments to create the project, helped with my confidence. These capstone assignments help me to dissect the goals, content, and strategies solve the problems that effective communication cause in nursing (Eades, 2015). Being organized in the development of the project, helped me to build my confidence, and also helped the audience to understand how the problem needs a solution.

From this program, I discovered a lot from the curriculum of a couple of the courses. There were a few steps that were taken to make the transition of an expert to a professional. An example to one of those was utilizing medical terminology by relation the term prefixes, suffixes, or foreign origin to conditions or illness that I came across from work. I did not know as to why certain terms were not synced closely to their name. To understand what certain terms mean, I often study the relationship of meaning of its condition. This is what I did until I had the term embedded in my brain to tell someone of what I know about its meaning (Westmoreland, 2015). A skill that I picked up from the BIOL/NURS 3309 – Medical Terminology course .

Another example is express culture sensitivity for another person’s culture. As a nurse, I believe that you would have to understanding to offensive gestures, remarks, cultural rituals, and mimicking a foreign language to a patient can cause discomfort to the patient. You would need to make the person from that particular culture to feel comfortable in your care. Being surrounded in a diverse environment at work instilled sympathy to many cultures in the manner of how to take care of the person and their family member.s

The image of the role of nursing is to become an advocate for patient while they are in the nurse’s care, trustworthy, and be professional in the nursing. Within two years, I would already accomplish the goal of obtaining my BSN degree and being a preceptor to new graduates of nurses. Within the next 5 years, I would take the time to earn my MSN and become an expert nurse. The next 10 years, I hope that I would earn my APRN degree as DNP.

The aspect I believe worked for me was providing a personal philosophy. Providing a personal philosophy helped to life development into the purpose of why I want to become a nurse. Within that nursing personal philosophy, it help me organized my future goals of where I see myself further along in nursing.

One suggestion that I could make for the program is having the program to include some type of internship or externship class. The class would have the nursing student to document their duties of what they performed or experience during the internship. The nursing student would be able volunteer in an organization or shadow a person that is within the type of nursing career that the student would want to be finally in their career.

I would not want for the program to get rid of the Capstone course. I believe that the Capstone course help many nurses to choose a career interest and learn the importance of the issue that is related to that career. The project will help students to research about issues in nursing that close to their topic they probably have not known prior of doing the project. The class helps with discovery, nurses can discovers different avenues that they would not have prior to the project.

I would recommend other nurses to this RN to BSN program to obtain their BSN degree. The reason as to why I would refer this program, because this program helps nurses to properly assess their nursing goals. I believe that this program can help nurses to experience a variety of areas in nursing that they probably would not either look nor have a thought, if it were not the courses in this program. The program can help with nurses with awareness of how to improve the way that they practice nursing and how they could advance in their career – either by position or education.


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