Objectives and constrains

Objectives and constrains





An objective function is used to maximize or minimize some numerical values in order to attain the goal of any business in terms of mathematics. Objective function is mostly used in decision analysis or can also be used in operations from research. In order to use objective function you have to understand the objective function of your products so that you can have a way of marketing it. On the other hand, constrains are the factors which acts as a barrier or restricts you from achieving your goal. Constrains hinders an organization from achieving its goal acting as a bottleneck in their processes (Zimmermann, 2008).

There are differences between objective function and constrains whereby the function need to know the importance of the components by meeting the objective set while constrains looks on the negotiable conditions which must be met in order to meet the goals. You need to access and understand the type of constrain that may arise in your in order to push it to achieve the goal. For instance, a school was supposed to reduce the number of students attending national park in order to cover up for the new constrains while the objective of the school was to take all the students to the tour (Zimmermann, 2008).

In conclusion, constrains should be evaluated well when solving problems in order to avoid additional challenges. The solution should be able to satisfy all the constrains which may arise. The objective function should direct the organizational processes avoiding any constrain that may arise.


Zimmermann, H. J. (2008). Fuzzy programming and linear programming with several objective functions. Fuzzy sets and systems, 1(1), 45-55.

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