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Questions in Healthcare

In response to the question of how a healthcare leader can interface with elected officials from local, state or national level to create a dialogue concerning health care challenges is through a number of ways. First of all is that the elected leaders are much closer to the local people of their electorate and also they have great influence among their electorate. Therefore, it is very important that the healthcare leaders would use a collaborative approach in working together with the elected officials so that they make sure that they inform the government officials on the importance of health care. The elected officials will later include the message in their speeches while addressing their people. This method will mobilize people from the local level to know the importance of healthcare and so utilize the available health services and thus reduce health challenges. The other approach is to have a proper communication system with the government officials to make sure there is a flow of information concerning health care and so there will be proper co-ordination in addressing the challenges of health. The other approach is to engage in collaborative policy-making to ensure that health care issues are addressed in the policy for example provision of enough funds to ensure the success of health infrastructure and service delivery (Marquis & Huston, 2009). 

In response to the other question of what will happen when an innovative idea threatens the system that supports a business and its employees is that, the business organization may suffer change and it will most like likely to lean on the negative direction. The innovation will threaten the business system which will, in turn, affect the commitment of the employees to work in the business. The system, for example, may be a financial structure change where the innovation may consume a lot of money leaving the organization broke. The limited finance will cause reluctance to work and increase the rate of absenteeism among workers. Therefore, the culture of the organization on how things are done will change in response to the innovation. The employees may have been very competent and very comfortable to the former ways of doing their duties but the new innovations may suddenly change their ways and so their rate f input may reduce tremendously. The case of introduction of new technology will cause fear of failure, uncomfortableness in working with the new innovation and definitely their level of competence will reduce (Chesbrough, 2010).


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