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            OPERATIONAL CRM        
PROS                   CONS
Helps transform sales processes and maxiize time on the field                   expensive
Easy to transition,takes less time.                   unintuitive
Automate tasks and saves more time.                    
helps improve internal communication                    
increased flow of deals                    
            ON-PREMISE CRM        
PROS                   CONS
Can be tailored to your business                   Most expensive in the short run.
Can be integrated with your other systems.                   Can take long time.
Most companies offer flexible packages that are suitable for small                    
and medium businesses.                    
            HOSTED CRM        
Less expensive in the short run.                   Cannot be integrated with other back office systems.
Appropriate for businesses with standard CRM needs and little                   You are allowing someone else to control your customers information and data.
or no internal IT support.                    
Can be implemented quickly.                    

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