Organisation and cultural values

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Organisation and cultural values

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Nurse-Organisational Values Alignment

Organizational values impacts nurses as they work as they first have to comply with the work ethics of the facility thy are working in (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). Wellness and recovery of patients and adherence Nursing ethics are always a priority.

Cooperation between the nurse and the organization is very important for successful delivery of health services.Elimination of medical malpractices.Patients will always be attended to on time which leads to satisfaction with the organization.

Communication and workplace conflicts

Communication is the key to conflict avoidance at any workplace. Once employees effectively communicates their intentions, actions and aspirations, conflict will be reduced among the staff, leadership and with the patients.Whenever there is conflict, communication is always and importance tools in resolving it.

Various groups will have various interests and demands at the workplace. Leadership management should give them a chance once in a while to air out their views and be heard. Communication helps the group leaders communicate with their members and leads to better working.

Communication gives everyone a chance to contribute to the betterment of the organization. Giving ideas on how to best issues and work challenges can be tacked. Value for employees and recognition.

System Needs and Health Culture

Health sector is where communication is needed the most.Health care personnel should always utilize effective communication with their patients to render the best of their services (Giger, 2016).Effective communication avoids mistakes which can be deadly at a health facility.

Health promotion and Disease Prevention

Disease presentation is the key to better healthcare. Health persons put the communicate to the world on the best ways of disease prevention (McCabe & Timmins, 2013). Effective communication is the best way of doing this.

Sharing of ideas amongst professional needs effective communication. Communicating research and findings.

Instances where values did not align

Nurse alcoholism addiction. Organizational culture and values misalignment.


Relations with other workers at the hospital was severely impacted. Patient engagement deteriorated. Nurse was eventually let go after warnings.


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