Organization and Midterm Check In

Organization and Midterm Check In

The organizational method that I would use for my informative speech is descriptive method where I could create pictures for the audience to understand and evoke the feeling of the targeted audiences.

The use of the descriptive method is essential based on evoking the feelings of the audience as well as curiosity related with the operations. This creates higher number of attendance since pictures speaks volumes of the actual speech.

The major thing that has surprised me on informative speech is the essence of creating an edge in the market that is focused to deliver quality talks/speech based on the issues affecting the society which are mostly undermined. I would actually change my view on organizational oral skills/ speech in the context that they facilitate a lot to the growth of the entire organization at both the local and international operations.

In the context of the development of oral communication its evident and my desire that my oral skills should be up to the standards through enabling capabilities to speak and address issues affecting corporate world at both the local and international standards.

The major goals I want to achieve in this course is basically confidence and capability to address various challenges in an open mind not leaning on one side which is the intertwine of leadership and oral speaking.


Oral speaking is an essential element in the corporate world. This is where an organization is able to address its vast challenges at either its internal or external operations thus achieving its sustainability goals.