Organizational Behavior in the Workplace

Organizational Behavior in the Workplace

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Job Skills in the Workplace
Critical Thinking
Judgment and decision making
Active listening

Organizational Behavior in the Workplace

According to Kinicki (2015), “organizational behavior (OB) describes an interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding and managing people at work.” As a employee or manager, we are encountering and should deal with a variety of problems and situations. Perhaps, organizational behavior not only helps us handle different situations but also manage ourselves. So, to use organizational behavior is the critical part of our success in all fields from work to everyday life. And organizational Behavior has connections with the following skills that make you different from others such as Critical thinking, Problem solving, Judgement and decision making, and Active listening. All these are important factors when managing a department.

First, critical thinking can help us approach the situation. We can quickly find a direct cause of the situation, so we can easily find a solution. Also, we can realize the strength or weaknesses of various solutions. Second, judgment and decision making are part of soft skills, and we are taught how to choose the most suitable ones. Lastly, among these skills, I believe that the most important skill is active listening. I am one of the people that believe the beginning of all relationship is listening. Everyone wants to say their part of the thoughts. If we can listen actively, we could give people feedback to improve both sender and receiver. These soft skills are very important when it comes to management and help you in your job performance.

According to Ariely (2015), “everybody has the capacity to be dishonest, but most people are not rotten to the core.” And I think dishonest in the workplace should be more alert because the effect on the society is big. I can assure that the unethical behavior in the workplace can make a profit. But I also assure that this is only short-term profits; as a result, it will be a poison to kill a whole workplace. Recently, we could see the big issue about Volkswagen. Maybe, this issue shows that the consequences of unethical behavior in the workplace. Volkswagen decided to create illegal software that defrauds vehicle emissions tests. Compared to Toyota, the problem of Volkswagen is the intention. I am not sure that the Volkswagen will bankrupt. But I have a strong conviction that the Volkswagen will suffer severe damage due to business ethic.


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