Organizations may access and scrutinize social media

Organizations may access and scrutinize social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others of employees or job applicants. Explain if you think this is an ethical or not an ethical practice. Support your reasoning.

I think that it is both ethical and un ethical. I say that it is ethical if the peron puts down their social media information or invites you to join their social media. Then you have the right to go through the social media and say what you may feel or do what you feel is best for the company. Because the person invited you in to be able to do that. But if the person does not invite you or accept you and you go looking for their social media then that is not ethical because it is an invasion of privacy in my opinion. I feel that if you go looking for the person just to see what they are sharing or what they are doing in their spare time then that is wrong because you are spying on the person and maybe even looking for a reason to fire that person if you do not like them. Take for instance Billy is a good employee but he makes you mad one day so you go searching until you find id social media and he says something that you do not agree with like, he does not like same sex relationships and because he said that maybe even 3 years ago you want to fire him for discrimination. That is not ethical because first you went looking and second it was years ago it may not be how he feels now. Now for the ethical part let’s says Mary invites you to her social media and she shares that he hates you as her boss and that the job sucks she just goes to make money. Then you can fire her if you want to because she invited you to her social media knowing that it was up there for you to see. That was her choice to add you and let you see it. So you have a right to fire her or do what you deem as fit in the situation.