PAD 505 Week 8 Discussion 1 Allocation and Allotments

Week 8 Discussion 1


Allocation and Allotments

The state’s budget allocation for education and property tax to the various localities to which the allocation for education can be termed as school money was brought about by the projects by the collaboration between an education team and some reporters who were researching on how the states pay for their public schools and why they fail to cater for the students concerned accordingly. Bruce Baker says different amounts of revenue earned locally are raised differently basing on their local bases and apparently no effort is being put to balance that. Their aim is majorly to show what may come about due to studying in the poor schools and to air out the school funding imbalance (Rolph, 2011). Something to worry about is that the gap resulting from this is growing but not shrinking hence making a large difference between the poor and the wealthy students.

Moreover the school funding in the states is known to come from three main sources, the state, local money and the federal money. On the property taxes, it is always the first thing when it comes to a request that have been made to aid in paying for school. This again has a problem because the values of property vary from place to place accompanied by tax revenues, meaning that the annual round art of facilities for example new textbooks depends on the value of property or wealth that surrounds them. These schools undergo a lot of suffering because they struggle over raising money locally. They also got a very less amount from the state because there was recession to add on it.

Tough decisions were to be made and included performing a crosswalk every morning as a cross guard, walking the children across the street. Another action put across was that some of them even thought of putting donated washers and dryers in some of the schools to give room for an hour of volunteering in the classroom. The parents a d guardians living in that can spend luxuriously say that that works well for them but that cannot remember that the case is not the same in all places.




Rolph, E. S. (2011). Government allocation of property rights: Who gets what?. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

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