PAD 515 Week 8 Discusion

Public Leadership and Public and Private Goods





Public Leadership and Public and Private Goods

There are many ways in which a public leader can use in order to manage social capital as well as human capital human capital also has a lot of importance as same as social capital matters. Public leaders need to pay great attention to both capitals as there is need of good management to avoid causing risk to the government cultures. Public leaders should identify strong support system and also have knowledge in management of social and human capital. There should be much attention created on the capital and spend much time analyzing it to avoid jeopardizing government values (Campbell, 2007).

In addition, there is need to have smart professional development which will help to keep the social and human capital in track without causing harm to the government. Public leaders should make dialogues with other leaders to strengthen the relationship between the leaders and the subjects in order to build trust. It is of great importance for all public leaders to understand their organization which will help them know how to use tools in increasing social capital. Having knowledge on the type of organization the leader is having will enable the manager to make productive reforms and implement them. Public leaders should also understand the formal and informal strategies to use in organization which will not cause risk to the government (Denner et al. 2008).

In conclusion, it is important as a public leader to have knowledge about your organization and the methods use in management of social and human capital. You should also have knowledge about the values and the culture of the government to avoid causing risk on them. Public leaders should ensure that their organization have good terms with not only the government but also other organizations (Campbell, 2007).


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