Course Take Away

Course Take Away






In the course of the learning thus far. The website that was found to be the most beneficial is the managed by the National Archives. In my opinion this website has been the most beneficial because of several reasons. To begin with it covers all aspects of law wholesomely. Next, it illustrates all the different entities of law in a simple and understandable manner. This allows for easy translation of the written law into practical aspects in the solution of cases.

The other reason for the selection of this website is the fact that it gives recent updates on high profile cases and changes in any forms of the law. This keeps the researcher updated on the recent changes and progress of any case that they were interested in following up. It is also a credible source that has been used for several years by several key lawmakers. It also acts as a source of reference for several interested parties.

The law that has been of interest is The Employment Law. My main reason of following it closely is that several employees are oppressed without their knowledge. Therefore in my future employment, this law really comes in handy since I will able to know my rights and that of my fellow employees to protect us from any form of harassment or oppression. There are several key aspects covered by this law. The most important aspect learnt is that implementation of the law starts from the recruitment process.

This has to be free from any kind of job discrimination. This is according to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title VII which prevents the managers involved in job hiring from performing any type of discrimination be it through a person’s race, religion, sex, or their nationality. Another factor that has to be put into consideration in the employment process is the minimum wage and overtime payments. This states that all employees must be paid above the minimum wage and if they happen to work overtime by any means, this should also be covered for in their pay. This is well stipulated in the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA).

The third principle that must be put in place by managers is the act on family leave. According to the Family and Medical Leave Act, all eligible employees who have worked in that organization for more than a year are entitled to a duration of approximately 12 weeks maximum unpaid duration in a year but still maintain their jobs to give them adequate time to spend with their families or a sick family member whose condition is defined as serious. Therefore, as they hire new employees, they should bear in mind that they are entitled to such durations away from work. Those among several other aspects ensure that employees are well catered for and their needs addressed.


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