PAD 525 Week 1 Discussion 1 Principles and Processes

Principles and Processes




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Principles and Processes

There are suggestions that the administrators should change how they rule of other people and their relationship too. There are different reasons as to why the administrators should not alter the human behavior. Their altitude towards the community is not even related to the behavior they portray to the community. The problem solving skills and altitude is also unrelated and weak according to their supervision skills and positions. This makes them not to falsely alter the human behavior as according to the law. It is believed that the administrators make judgments according to their altitude and their own feelings and values but not according to the law. Solving of the community of human problem as an administrator is pragmatic in nature and it calls for a process whereby it should be according to the civil laws (Shafir, 2013).

Additionally, the administrators are the leaders of the society and should not alter the human behavior by passing this law. Rule of law is also responsible in protecting people against administrative authorities which may be arbitrary to the law. The society is covered by the rule of law and other laws passed by the administrators cannot affect human behavior. The rule of law acts as governance to all the behaviors and actions of the people. On the other hand, natural law is an observable law which goes hand in hand with the natural phenomena. Another law which does not conform to the natural law should not be valid. All the norms of the society should conform the natural law. For instance, the catalog of the good things is one of the natural laws whereby the right and good things are done by the people (Shafir, 2013).

In conclusion, there is provision of knowledge to people on the good things. People could live by the law of nature; there could be even conflicts among each other even when the law binds all other laws. Many would live according to the law while others people would reject it which will lead to conflict and no one is responsible to control. This now calls for the administrators and civil law to control people and their behavior even when there is law of nature there is still limitations (Fox, 2010).


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