Agency’s Laws and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce

Agency’s Laws and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce






Agency’s Laws and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce

Laws Affecting the Agency

This major function of this administration is to ensure that the major programs run concurrently. The three programs are as follows: Social Security- Old Age and Survivors Insurance which ensures that there are sufficient funds available for the Americans above the age of 65 years. It further ensures that the Distribution of the retirement benefits to the old-age is done fairly and equitably.

The other functions of the agency are to implement the second program known as the supplemental security income. This is put up to sustain the Americans who are aged, blind and are disabled and the children without resources. The programs are necessary for accountability, monitoring and budgetary allocation to the relevant departments.

The last function is founded on the third program that is the disability insurance. Other functions include redistribution of income, diversification of risks and lastly socio-economic stability and growth. All these are meant to serve the citizenry of America for the general good of everyone

The above indicates the roles of the administration in so far as the mission of the agency is concerned. The mission reads to promote the economic security of American citizens by using leadership that is considerate and alert in social security drivers in America.

The agency further has established a docket to address personnel management issues as they rise. The social security has made it possible and easy for the groups mentioned to process their claims which are made available once there is compliance from the actors affected. The implication of this above on the personnel management would be on the output of the individual or citizens. This would then act as enticement because they understand the importance of tax payment as an investment as well. This they would then do willingly with the aim that upon of reaching that age or having a member of the family with inability or low income they would finally get to benefit. In personnel management issues such as motivation, equal employment opportunity, productivity and collective bargaining are so key in the understanding of it and the manner in which it operates.

Society is in greater need and requires that all the citizens as well as its employees are considered equally failure to which then affects most of the returns that are attained over a period of time in a state and cuts across the board for every agency. It includes the involvement of citizens and provision of labor as well. Many are the times when the public interests and demands are raised for purposes of finding a way forward and would therefore require the opinions of the experts as well as that of the laymen. Some of these issues affect employees and managers directly as well as personnel management in general.

In the process of finding direction in the matter we come across two laws that are relevant in the achievement of the goals and functions that have implications to the agency’s personnel management. They are the American with disabilities Act and the civil service Act respectively. The roles of these federal laws are to protect the citizens’ interest especially those with disability from discrimination in employment as well as the recruitment process to ensure fairness. The employees are however urged to ensure equal employment when it comes to job applications and the relevant applications.

American with Disability Act restricts the employers from any form of discrimination against any qualified person with disability whether there is financial support or not. It further puts it that they are to be availed with all the relevant needs or requirements necessary as per the job analysis and description. It further makes reference to the equal employment opportunity commission and gives them the mandate to establish a commission to that effect. The act further directs the state and the local government to provide protection for this group of so far as the disability category is concerned they are required to make consideration to take in the disabled in the various departments.

The Civil Service Reform Act is one that cuts across all the civil service as a whole and provides a general overview of the manner in which the government treats its employees in entirety across the board. Its mandate is to ensure justice fairness and equality if upheld in the long run. This act equally seeks to protect the employees against any for of discrimination.

Having considered the above the agency herein must always strive to comply with both the American with Disability Act and Civil Service Reform Act and their implementing of the procedures and guidelines put in is very important to note that the employees have great influence in conveying the America’s promise of equal access to opportunity for all citizens irrespective of their status or class.

Personnel Recruitment and Hiring Practices

Three major factors why the agency should address lesbianism, gay, bisexual and transgender in their recruitment and hiring practices are as follows: first within the workplaces there are segregated zones that are set apart for the separate gender and would claim that they have the civil rights to use the areas such as the restrooms and showers therefore the matters should be addressed for people to understand their respective areas.

Another factor as to why the agency needs to address the issue is because it exists as of law. The law was passed in the year 2016 and as the law requires that the matter be addressed to create awareness and for the society adopts it. Lastly it’s important to address it so that measures are put in place to eliminate prejudicial action in the basis of the sexual orientation and that it will be necessary to administer justice. This is addressed by the Civil Service Reforms Act and in the event that there is injustice then the Commission created can be used by the employees in the event that they are aggrieved and are free to lodge their complaints as they come. Addressing the issue helps to remove the barriers to employment faced by individuals with LGBTV.

Sexual orientation should not be a basis for discrimination under any circumstances. This is because it has become law in the U.S and that the lesbians, gays bisexual and transgender though certain states have not bought the law and actually lack legal protection and are made vulnerable in their various employment areas. The other extreme is that some of them are not allowed to add their spouse’s names to the insurance cover in the names of their spouse simply because of the fact that they are in the same sex marriages. Some of them have actually been humiliated.

Three major factors why the agency should not address lesbianism, gay, bisexual and transgender in their recruitment and hiring practices as follows one there would be serious consequences if the protections are extended to the transgender. The other reason why they should not be address it is because this topic is uncomfortable when addressed in the public since it would raise intimidation to the parties involved. Another issue is that it raises the issue of religious belief or conservative effect and would not be easily accepted by the society thus giving rise to the societal segregation even in the work places as employees. It would also affect the moral backing of the working environment. The parties involved would then find it difficult to assimilate in the team.

Ethics and Diversity Training

The social security administration agency in most cases requires that once after the recruitment the new staff undergo six to eight month training. In this time there is impartation of the relevant skills required for the person to be aware of the work environments as well as the specific tasks that they will be required to carry out. Others have examinations administered to them at the end of the session.

The main reasons for employee training skill are as follows; requirement as per the performance appraisal for those existing employees, introduction of an important topic that is specific to the agency or arising matter, as part of succession planning in this case with the retirement issue at hand therefore those moving to replace the retired are not ambushed but rather planned for the change in roles in within the agency. It’s done as a general requirement of the professional development program and for the assessment of the performance improvement and test of the performance management system in place.

The agency’s approach to training and programs provided for new and existing employees for the development of knowledge, skills, and overall competencies as mentioned above are meant for the optimal performance of the employees in the agency and service of the society in general. However there are strengths and weaknesses associated with the approaches used. To begin with the strengths it changes the way in which the employees view each other e.g. when training on the sexual harassment and gender orientation among others. The awareness is made known e.g. the adoption of the new technologies and methods in the agency. Ethically the employees are expected to respect each other as well as the personnel and that every employee is treated with respect in his own standing regardless of their orientation and status..

This rises with the technological advancement. The other strength is that morale and job satisfaction of the employees is boosted and thus increased efficiency in the services rendered and processes resulting to economical gain or stability. Weaknesses that arise are that the system at times being a federal system might be jammed with the department failing to be flexible. Secondly the employees given one- size- fits -all kind of training that fails to give room for selective approach kind of training that would give opportunity to follow the self-paced, online and self-directed training. All in all the employees should be encouraged to assimilate and socialize rather than segregate for there to be a peaceful co-existence .

Recommendations for Recruiting and Training a Diversified Workforce

Recommendations that are necessary to improve the areas of recruiting and training a diversified workforce are as follows first introduction of contemporary, essential and current issues that would build up the workforce and ensure proper and sufficient enlighten. Secondly, Constant training as they continue to work and gain more experience and expertise. The employees should equally be given a chance to contribute to the development of the work force. This reduces the tension and gives room to exploring what the employees find pleasure in doing which then become the motivation factors.