Analysis of the Agency’s Policies, Procedures, Plans Regarding Unions, Privatization Pensions and Productivity

Analysis of the Agency’s Policies, Procedures, Plans Regarding Unions, Privatization Pensions and Productivity






Analysis of the Agency’s Policies, Procedures, Plans Regarding Unions, Privatization Pensions

The Agency and Unions

Definition of the union is the organization of workers with intent to ensure that the workers interests are well catered for and the rights of the laborers considering their work environment, wages as well as their working hours. Being in a Union therefore means that the employees can collectively meet and negotiate with management over any matters that affect you and your job. The unions serve various practical purposes in the social security administration based on its definition above. It looks at the compensation and the lives of the workers in a particular environment.

Social Security Administration agency has got recruitment policies that looks into the personnel management and considers the workers adoption into the system. The most significant being the Policy on either internal or external recruitment. Internal policy of recruitment is preferred because existing employees know the organization and fit well with organization’s culture. The workforce recruited is supposed to be qualified for the end purpose of ensuring that the achievement of the agencies goals. In today’s tight labour market, just finding the right people to interview can be a major challenge. It is important to seek every opportunity to locate potential applicants. Other than the above challenge it is important to note that in the event that the workers are not properly handled then the performance is deemed to go down.

The labour unions are a creation of the workers as mentioned above but is pivoted greatly on the securing of the labour legislation, standards as well as enforcing o the workforce regulations. This therefore forms the practicality of the unions in the social security administration agency.

Two reasons why the agency should have representation in the union are; first to ensure proper and accurate communication is received from the union other than the corrupt and ill-advised information based on individual interest. Secondly representation is important to educate both the agency representatives and the workers on the emerging requirements that would directly or indirectly affect the government agency and the workers in their course of duty.

The other two reasons why there should not be an agency representation in the union is to reduce the fear in the workers of retribution and secondly the members are able to draw partiality in their work places and are able to file a claim or report an abuse easily to the union foreseers. This also looks at workers being able to freely express themselves.

The agency and Privatization

Privatization can be referred to as the diversification of existing government owned firms to private entities. This is not self-evident. Individuals would look at privatization in a broader sense, which includes then the creation of entirely new companies and investing in the private owned organizations. In other organizations it can be defined as contracting out of the services offered by the state to individuals in the private sectors.

The opportunities that present themselves with privatization are several just to mention a it ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of the services rendered. This goes further to draw a line in the agency hence reduce obligation of the various managers or team leaders. The other opportunity presented is that there is adoption of fresh new ideas as well as personnel that is out to deliver and not pulled down by the bureaucratic structures in place.

The Social Security Administration agency should privatize their services for the sake of the capital markets purposes of efficiency within the system without impartiality and second enhanced accountability on the taxes that are being paid by the citizen. This also creates exposure to the workers in the departments and raises need for improvement on the part of the insiders. Privatization also leads to increasing of positive competition among the workers or employees.

The Social Security Administration agency should not privatize their services based on the following reasons; one, employees would not be willing to work for the public and would prefer working under the private sector based on the packages that come with it for example in the event that the Voluntary Pension Funds are presented with special treats Privatization Investment Funds, PIFs will quickly re-model themselves to VPFs hence no stability. Two the competition that is intended to for a good purpose would then be aggressive to the extent that would lead to expensive nature hence being unsustainable. It brings in laxity and complacency within the environment.

Employee Pension Plans

Policies can be defined as the actions that are adopted by an organization or institution to influence and determine all major decisions and actions plus activities taking place within the boundaries set by them.

There are several policies adopted by the agencies for the smooth operation of the social security administration agency. In this case I would wish to look at two policies namely; Economic Policies and the Retirement Pension Plan.

Looking at the Mission set out for the Social Security Administration in America we see that it is to actually to promote the economic security of American citizens by using leadership that is considerate and alert when it comes social security drivers in America. This then gives rise to the Economic development and state of the nation. In this case then it would be then necessary to consider the economic policy.

Economic policy looks at the state’s economic stability and the direction it would take in the verge of ensuring that the old, those with disability are well catered for without straining the income thus ensure stability of living standard of the citizens by offering relief for the needy and social insurance to reduce the level of poverty. This also considers the increase in share of the nation’s resources.

The other policy or plan that the social security administration would consider as necessary would be the retirement pension plan. This plan looks at the social welfare having in mind the finality of the compensation to those that retire at the age of 65yrs. This plan acts as well as the social security to provide reasonable foundation of retirement protection for people regardless of their levels of earning.

Productivity and Performance Evaluation

The approaches to productivity and performance in the social security administration are as follows one having vigorous continuous program of research in the SSA. This can be done by collection of the relevant issues how to address them and trends this includes even the problems being faced by the personnel and the approach to productivity the agency ought to bring in new agendas that would ensure performance and production that would ensure economic balance and an updated system that is current to the changes.

The SSA should see that the productivity is increased by ensuring that there is continuous availability of staff. The other approach available is to reinvest the employee savings to increase their productivity as well as contracting services from the social security agency in entirety. Lastly to ensure productivity the SSA should find consultancy firms that would then advise the agency on the necessary improvement needed for SSA. This would therefore mean that the most preferable team to be involved be the external advisors or consultants who would be impartial to the decisions to be made.

Recommendations for Improving Performance Evaluation

Recommendation on the improvement in the area of productivity and performance are as follows; introduction of enticement within the agency or the state, citizens inclusive. The enticements are as follows provision of progressive benefit increase that goes up with the cost of living to keep pace with the inflation. Secondly encourage private pensions and personal savings that are essential to the individuals in their investments.

The agency should do a constant review of employee performance and the operations conducted to monitor the individual performance. This would then act as a motivation factor by rewarding the productive sectors or respective departments. For productivity purposes there should be specific targets/objectives put in place for employee accountability. The other recommendation is to improve quality management at all levels in the agency.