PAD 530 Week 1 Discussion 1

Week 1 Discussion 1

Analyze the topics discussed in Chapter 1, with the exception of the laws. Select two topics and discuss two positive effects and two challenges the topic poses for human resource departments in the public sector.

Human resource (HR) departments in public agencies are fighting for credibility. Pressure to contain costs, engage employees, and be strategic has led many HR departments to flounder. HR wants to be seen as a resource and a trusted advisor to management. HR needs to be seen as credible in the eyes of employees. If the HR function is not credible in the eyes of its customers, the value of HR services is diminished.

Make your role known. Oftentimes, employees misunderstand how HR operates. They believe that HR information is “confidential.” They believe that HR should be “on their side.” Then, when they don’t get what they expect, they come to mistrust the entire HR function. How do we combat this phenomenon? Advertise your job, including your mission, your role, and your services. Make it known how you handle “confidential” information. Don’t be afraid to do a little education about the HR world. The more they know, the more they trust and respect you.

Constantly ask for feedback. Do you really know how your customers perceive you? Conduct annual surveys and customer focus groups to find out what your employee customers think. Pursue continuous improvement as a result of the feedback. Those who are always getting better are always more respected.

HR must constantly “drip” information to employees on a wide range of employment issues through a variety of media. A detailed quarterly email won’t work. Rather, provide information on a weekly or daily basis on a variety of topics that directly impact or benefit employees. Use as many communication methods as possible. They’ll soon come to see you as a resource, rather than an obstacle.

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