Evaluation of Agency’s Ethics, Cooperation, Leadership, and Legal Decisions

Evaluation of Agency’s Ethics, Cooperation, Leadership, and Legal Decisions





Evaluation of Agency’s Ethics, Cooperation, Leadership, and Legal Decisions

Administrative ethics

Ethics refers to the set of rules set aside to govern the proficient provision of services to clientele with the sole purpose of not exposing them to any danger in relation to the products and services that are offered with the organizational agency that is tasked with the role of addressing them. Given the health and human services is propelled by the mission statement of enhancing standards of health through providing Medicare assistance to all Americans enabled through fostering sound ,sustained advances in the science; this therefore places the agency at a vital position of attention given that any rational and negligence of ethical misconduct may result to massive carnages from poor health failure .

High integral value and ethical standards are thus a very important and resourceful tools that aid and abed the smooth and gradual succession of complex health epidemics that require high levels of experienced professional vigilance .Thus as an organization the following ethical regulations have been impacted to ensure that the organization upholds its rapport.

To begin with is the high level of mandatory scrutiny that the organization has set to analyze the academic qualification requirements to be attained to ensure easy ascertainment of the best support staff that is done without any clemency. This ensures assertiveness which is an important tool for administration. Delegation of duties in relation to this methodology is in respect with specialization of labor .Therefore every divisional unit is tasked with the duty of ostensibly ensuring vigilant execution of duties is done in line with the medical requirements.

Proper acquisition of licenses’ have also been a prospect that has been involved in ensuring the successful achievement of obligations this comes after the increased levels of fraudulent activities by profiteers’ that seek to gain financial benefits through quack doctors whose level of professionalism is not accounted for in the practices .Similar reports have been made through the help of whistle blowers and formulation of schemes to deal with this petrifying act implemented.

Leadership influences

Given Americas wide range of policy making bodies, each agency is answerable to a head of state to ensure legal ascertation of actions implemented by the agency organization. This renders the actions legal under the legislative jurisdiction through executive signatories. With respect to the hierarchical order of managerial powers ,the agency is able to systematical review ,analyze and amend any addressed chasm opinion by the subordinates’ to accomplish their objectives .Since the agency is under the independent federal agencies ,they are also under the web of governance of the president who is the final decision maker in the implementation and enforcement of laws written by congress with the aid of the vice president in case of any emergency .The overall decision is then relayed to the cabinet secretary in charge of Medicare, who then communicates in association with the chain of command to the incumbent departmental head .

It is however an important aspect to note that the president has the ability to either sign or downplay the amendment of the suggested opinions to either receive more clarity on the issue at hand or to deal with the initiation of other entities depending on the level of urgency and the budgets required .Nonetheless within the department the leadership is chaired with the deputy secretary who is assisted by his assistant and a team of advisors that are responsible for the enactment of the imposed bills. The deputy secretary then uses diplomacy to ratify his final decision on whether to implement the law or not. Nonetheless

Legal Decisions

Given its infinite scope and ranges of obligatory duties, the organizational design is structured in the sense that any feasible plan passes through the necessary stages of approval .This is in accordance to the chain of command to be followed and the impact that is yet to be achieved to ensure harmonium collaboration in execution of delegated duties.

In the department of human and health services, predicaments are a matter of high observational priority .Therefore to reduce the risk at which marabous’ events might occur it is necessary for appropriate legal actions to be invoked. Decisions may either be through stoic decisions by the departmental heads or through scheduled robust intermittent efforts by the agency in fashion of promoting and fostering staff morale through implementation of their proposals based on the issues at hand. Nonetheless for a decision to be undertaken, fundamental re-assessment of any implications that might compromise the attainment any of the programmed goal objectives should be screened to ensure efficient execution and sequential progression of concurrent events. Through doing so all the viable threats that may jeopardize the criteria of operation are coerced and any alternative altruisms taken to ensure the propagation of a mission .

Decisions are then reviewed by a team of advisors to oversee point out any viable threat that can come up as a result of the new initiatives and the appropriate counteractive measure out in place to quarantine the problem. Furthermore the agency through the legislative boundaries has the ability to decide on any necessary action if a emergency arises so long as it profits’ the agencies’, welfare solely aimed at improving the chances of survival of any national health epidemic.

Strategies for consideration to administration progress

In the management of any agency, for operations to co-efficiently coincide with the daily routines, there has to be set strategies that aid in encompassing the staff to avoid goal blindness by ensuring resilient determination in cracking their cases thus during the selection of strategies should be done with high level of meticulous and subsequent but steady reviews of the infused paradigms to shape the future of service delivery. The department of health services has underplayed considers the following issues as major factors for consideration through intergovernmental agency relations; family economic security, juvenile justice, hunger and food security, housing and homelessness and child welfare.

This strategies’ are aimed at ensuring improved quality, coordinate approaches and enable more preventive services .The strategies are believed to be a foundation to deliver impressive outcomes and realize new experiences this however depends on the positive change of habits that dictate the previous pace at which initiative schemes are done .In addition these strategies are impacted to protect the states interest of ensuring eradication of poverty by enhancing proper welfare schemes to substantially uphold the reputation of the nation’s capital .Statistics have thereby been an important form of research tool to help identify and plan the budget requirements in the implementation of the necessary issues according to the preferences of choice and their levels of importance to the country’s economic stature.

Extensive federal assistance has been proposed by the agency to come up with solutions that are annually incumbent from all the different sort of ramifications .This is to is set to aid in the prevention of the sporadic problems that have resulted to distraught and trustful emotions that taunt the citizens and cause unnecessary anxiety due to their being petrified.

Recommendations’ for improvements

To provide guaranteed health insurances, it is the departments, through selected states have initiated the progression of different strategies in speculation of prioritized perceptions.

The children care is a recommendation that is of influence to the public. Children are one of the most precious assets that a country can depend on, thus their health is a matter of concern since there are at a better edge to impact innovative ideas in the future .To reduce the mortality rate ,there has been applauded efforts as the governors’ through the out loud cry of the human services portfolio has decreased .This has resulted to increased funding to support families and children .In addition of the same ,there have been intergovernmental agency relations the amongst the health and human service department with the department of corrections and the department of juvenile justice system safely reducing the number of children and adolescents in foster care through aid that helps in their gradual transition to adulthood .

Another issue of concern is on the issue of hunger and food insecurity .Food is one of the most important basic needs that is required in the survival and proper health care of an individual. Nonetheless malnutrition has been a major conflicting drawback whose blatant effect is conspicuous .To enlighten the locals of having the slightest glimmer of hope, the human service department should seek to organize teams that will carry out intermittent operations to help the needy .Corrupt officials’ who are found to have held back fund as an act of noncompliance should be penalized and pay fines that should be ploughed back into use .

Furthermore, on the issue of homelessness, the government should build camps that would the financially poor and give them fund to aid in their wellbeing.References

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