Interview with the head of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Interview with the head of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The below was an interview by the head of the agency.

Interviewer: please tell us more about your agency?

Interviewee: the department of health care and research quality is a department charged with improving the quality and safety of the country’s health care system through collaborations with the U.S Department of Health and Human Services .

Interviewer: With reference to your mission statements, tell us your roles as an agency?

Interviewee: As an agency our department s tasked with the duty of ensuring patient protection and providing affordable care act .Another obligation of the department improving the level of patient service for effective providence of essential health care .

Interviewer: Explain how exactly how you and your stuff are able to deliver all this attributive roles without compromising your ethics.

Interviewee: Well as a federal agency we ensure proper screening of employees through vigilant levels of scrutiny to evaluate their qualification. Intermittent trainings are also carried out to propel the rate at which duties are performed and adequate availability of research resources is made available to the staff members to help counteract problems.

Interviewer: as an organization what are the future goals set to encompass your undertakings’?

Interviewee: given the infinite set scope of obligations there has been the issue of organizing impromptu congress where chasm opinions from our staff members is considered mandatory. Aside from that further information will be communicated to you.

Interviewer: As the chair of the agency what positive stride has your team been able to accomplish?

Interviewee: through statistics, our team has been able to receive applaud from other partners for having successfully and gradually reduced the number of adverse effects .We have also been able to subsides the costs at which the Medicaid services are offered.

Interviewer: what are some of the most adamant challenges your agency faces?

Interviewee: One of the major draw backs for the overall issues that has raised the greatest speculation, is the issue of fraudulent activities that result to moral aptitude by quack doctors who are imposters that masquerade as qualified just to gain financial benefits.

Interviewer: If there’s a urgent message you would love to make known to the public what would it be?

Interviewee: The most pressing issues is to call upon the public to work hand in hand with the organization, either through whistleblowers or visit the agency’s websites. This would decrease and ensure prompt actions are taken to coerce any viable threats that are considered a threat to the country .As a nation we should care for each other to enhance nation building.

Interviewers: well thank of for your humble time and we cordially appreciate the efforts to address the interview.