PAD 599 week 1 Discusssion 1 Customs and Border Protection Agency

Customs and Border Protection.

The customs and border protection is a unit under the department of homeland security .The agency mission is to safeguard the American borders by protecting the public from dangerous individuals with sinister malicious motives and materials while enhancing the nation’s global economic competiveness through enabling legitimate trade and travel.

As an applicant in its umbrella of the operations support in the intelligence support staf,whose duties aims at enabling successful day to day operations through classified intel to curb any myriad problems that are deemed risky to the public and the nations interest at large. Through undercover operations and the heightened increased statistics their has been a rather notable increased immigration and drugs an issue that has raised concern to the public spec and the department In particular.

As an asset ,interested in the governments wellbeing I would be of great value to the department .This declaration comes after assessment of several actions that ,taking into consideration all vigilance schemes of upholding high ethical and moral principles. Some of the viable exercises to control such scenarios include, increasing border patrol in liaison with trusted and highly scrutinized individuals, and apprehension of temporary apprehension of intruders till further clarity of their intentions are well known. On the drug trafficking cases relevant exercises within the governments jurisdiction , would be deployed in liaison with highly classified undercover top secret agents whose identity would be withheld .Through this action the supposed drug cartels would be probed and all their activities put to halt through immediate effect. Resources claimed would be put into custody to prevent further continuity of the supposed endeavors’ .Top notch security level is hence upheld and further speculations curbed.