PAD 599 Week 2 Discussion 1 The Robin Hood Plan

The Robin Hood Plan






The Robin Hood plan was an initiative that was enacted by the legislature of the U.S. state of Texas in 1993.The program was an prospect that was began to spearhead equal distribution of wealth and resources to promote uniform development and economic stability .The act enacted actions where property tax and revenue from property-wealthy school districts and distributed those in property –poor districts in an effort to equalize the financing of all school districts through Texas. Nonetheless despite the enormous efforts by the funders and patriotic activists their efforts were disregarded and loomed and dreaded as a last resort .The slogan “take from the rich and give to the poor ” –faced different reactions from different social classes. The rich thought of the plan as an action that deprived them of their constitutional rights since they had to give their funds regardless of whether they consented of were against the idea .For this to work , set minimum requirements were placed by lawmakers given the court ruling had given its verdict in favor of the plan due to the admirable level of integrity that would come as a result of the good act where the low class would also benefit from its relevance.

Nonetheless there were subsequent efforts to erode the plan by individuals who were against the plot. Drafted reports from the press depict their reasons were focused on the fact that their resources would be embezzled and misappropriated by the officials in charge of management .They based arguments on the discomforting fact that honest and frank philanthropists were rare and that most were not prospective enough to cope and overcome the constructive criticism .

The contingency plan proved that it stood a chance given the school finance system improved by a great level .There were relatively increased levels statistical results on the level of scholars who were able to access education as a result of the implemented scheme .Any money laundering schemes were put at pay though termination of any viable threats .


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