PAD 599 Week 2 Discussion 2 Personal and Family Security

Personal and Family Security.





Personal security ,has so far been one of mans insatiable needy aspects majorly with the aim of coercing any future implications that they hypothesize might hinder their future plans .According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs personal security involves a huge scope of variables amidst them the aspect of having the sense of belonging. To achieve these individuals have resorted into taking solace in having families that may live to uphold their legacy given the fact of deaths inevitability .To ensure that in the event of such unfaithful events ,the government in liaison with other schemes have introduced programs where individuals are able to save their money .Such initiatives have experienced different levels of reactions from the public domain given that some have readily been embraced while others have been rebuked, dreaded and regarded as loopholes that may be fraud and run by arrogant profiteers who seek to profit themselves through money laundering schemes.

Therefore the government has made it a mandatory norm to ensure that its citizens are safe from such malicious scums. To achieve this goal legal licenses have been regarded as an important requirement for any organization to offer its goods and services to the public. Despite this there have been enacted laws imposed for the same interests .Some of which include having insurance policies to the people in ownership of private vehicles, pension schemes a that serve as insurance after retirement to the public servants .Other protocols that aid in personal and family security include the ownership of hospital funds which come in handy during emergencies in lieu of having to having unnecessary frustrations on cash payments.

Constant monitoring of the country’s census has also been a key influence for the government to keep record of its countries health stature and the areas to which awareness is considered important. In doing so the government has been able to implement necessary measures that they consider as viable prospects in maintaining a healthy nation.


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