PAD 599 week 3 Discussion Board 3b Understanding Implementation

Understanding Implementation.





The New York Police Department division of counterterrorism division ,under the appointment and administration of police commissioner Ray Kelly ,believed in the mission slogan; Unless objectives are converted into action, they are not objectives ,they are just dreams as a tool for action against the felony of counterterrorism. This was a viable approach according to commissioner Kelly who had imposed different measures and plans to coerce any impending threats that would en-danger the security of the city’s citizens at stake .The department initiated a mandatory routine where picked out officers who had managed to succeed in the vigilant processes of scrutiny were all acquainted in the understanding of the different linguistic dialects that were more commonly used by the criminals who executed this missions .Furthermore the unit used three different routines to curb such ordeals from happening .They included ;Operation Hercules, Operation Nexus and Operation Kaboom .

Although this methods were helpful and would most ,of the time bear fruit by aiding the threat of radicalization activities they proved to be crude and in many cases unethical to the innocent .Operation Hercules for instance involved patrols where officers would be assigned create disruptions at different places, randomly chosen with the sole purpose of showing force. This was a show to express a firm warning towards any perpetrator who had initially planned to carry out any malicious, sinister and ill motive plan from having the courage of carrying out their plans .Regardless of this ideological prospect it seemed to disrupt the peace of the locals and inflict unnecessary fear.

Despite the anxiety and necessity to erode these threats it would have been wise to employ alternative methods. One possible example is using undercover agents whose identities are highly classified and protected from any threats on their families hence corrupt their intentions .Reports of any suspicions by the citizens and whistleblowers’ would have also been more peaceful. This could be done through offering bounties on any hints and clues that they called in.


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