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Health and Human Services Department

The Health and Human Services Department was an initiative tasked with the duty of protecting and enhancing the health and well being of all Americans through providing health and human services through fostering advancements on researches involving epidemics and viruses that are bound to result to marabous’ predicaments to the citizens. The department is encompassed and head by the incumbent secretary Alex M. Afar who is appointed to lead through the help of other the department’s deputy secretary Eric D. Hargan and other leadership staff in liaison with subordinate officials and an advisory panel to play certain significant roles.

Given its infinite scope of obligations since it deals with a variety of dissenting chasms of opinions in regard with the Medicare scope of professionalism it plays a vital role. The roles include; allocating and diversifying the most qualified taskforce in different specs of professionalism, address the questions directed towards the agency to obtain clarity on the conscious actions implemented by the agency, acknowledge and consent the execution of suggested researches that are deemed fit to aid in undertaking tasks that require high level of skillets ,ensure sequential progression of the country’s economy by maintaining a healthy environments amidst many other roles. Amongst other obligations, the most important notable function is to protect and maintain the good health conditions of the citizens against impeccable diseases through all feasible concise and authoritative measures put in place to curb and coerce any future predicaments.

The agency through a series of other different ranging features of set responsibilities with regard to corporate governance, integrity and high levels of upheld ethical judgments, works in liaison with other executive departments ostensibly with the sole purpose and determination of ensuring proficient completion of the set missions according to their slogan. Hence the department relies in the determination of their workforce and special officials who are quarantined after extreme levels of scrutinious exercises that require mandatory and exemplary levels of intellect to merit qualification.

Organizational Design

To ensure applauded success the department is sub dived in different levels in relation with its organizational structure through other divisional departments .Given the infinite set of stipulated duties, just like any other agency has to have a resourceful organization to propel the rapid invasiveness and progression of opertations.Thus the department relies on the support from the sub departments with their precisely defined roles; The Administration for Children and Families is the unit with the responsibility of promoting economic and social well being of families and communities through a range of educational and supportive programs ,The Administration for Community Living is one tasked with the obligation of increasing access to community support and resources to promote national building and mitigate all threats.

The Agency for healthcare Research and Quality is also a division obligated with the task of protection of the nation’s citizens through producing evidence to make healthcare safer, of higher quality and more accessible, equitable and affordable. The Agency for Toxic substances and Disease Registry is also one of the vital organs and presumably one of the most important agencies since it prevents the release of toxic outrageous chemical effects that reduce the quality of life .Containment of these hazardous s and dangerous wastes to the environment is necessary to avoid the eventual carnage effects that may rise due to neglect of extreme accountability of routines to be followed. This departments form the most vital backbones of the designated organization operations .Stewardship in this divisions just to mention but a few work under different sets of jurisdiction levels and therefore have different capabilities’ that validate their areas of specialization. This therefore forms basis of the major reasons why the success of this department organizational structure is an important attributive aspect in strategy formulation in lieu of having to depend on rational decision making criteria’s.

Assessment of Organizational Design

Frequent re-alignment and re-amendment is a necessary routine to enhance the functionality and stewardship of an agencies organizational structure.Assesing the organizational structure within an institution erodes the levels of implications that are regarded as presentiments that may hinder the eventual compliance of exercises to promote harmonic continuity of divested labor according to the specialty .As an action to enforce organizational reconstruction it would be wise to come up with different chasm perceptions regarding the implementation and extensions of other divisions to further impact new counteractive measure to curb unnecessary fortuitous consternating circumstances.

Such measure help in ensuring that internal affairs are not compromised therefore leading to disruption of different exercise through non collaborative schemes which are not flexible Some of this extensions may involve formulations such as flying doctors to help cover emergencies in local areas. Setting up jurisdictions upon medical practioneres who indulged and aided in any devious sinister motives by masquerading themselves as honorable members of the department. Likewise an extension through ,simplification of different departments that act as one unit tasked with a wide variety of duties should be reviewed .This will enhance at which a particular department burdened with many duties is analyzed and different taskforces employed and projected towards one major obligation.

Evaluation, Planning and Implementation

Since proposed feasible plan prospects are subject for screening before determining whether they stand any chance of imposition, fostering democracy is one step of planning the succession of a previous attribute for implementation of new rules and regulations. Therefore on the issue of units that investigate and probe the trust and loyalty of the employed officials first requires convincing before application of the routine this is to ensure that no medical practioner is under the manipulation and involvement of any criminal enterprise. This will therefore mean that efforts employed will not be hindered due to failure of incompetent employees.

Likewise on the issue of the flying doctors team the department is able to promptly to any call of desperation whose geographical condition s way out of range with trhe nearest and closest hospital, this initiative will first have helped the mortality level within the country by its citizens. To determine the suitable emergency locations network administrators in such immobile geographically distributed areas, should bye employed for efficient convenience relevance of communication channel .The method chosen should therefore consider the literacy levels of the urgency within such notices of action are set and put into place to impact profound changes..This will help identify the crucial areas of interest .Such efforts will help the department to identify the proper material resources that are most applicable in the containment of such scenarios.

Recommendations for Planning and Implementation

After identification and screening of organizational amendments’ the suggested opinions are therefore able to implement. Thus any altruism that are deemed fit should be put into consideration .Therefore conviction of any brute criminal lunatics should be interrogated and apprehended. All proposed psychiatric admonishes and operations should first be carefully pondered upon and reviewed to eliminate the aspect of doubt during the delegation of task forces . Units dealing with corruption problems should be firm and seek to restore order by ensuring that all vile levels of corruption are convictated especially those with felonious effects as Moral Turpitude

Past file cases should be re-opened and any detected loopholes tying any federal officer should be looked into and the false testimonials given revoked This thereby ensures that justice is served and no clemency verdict is offered to any individuals that helps orchestrate any sort of fraudulent activities that undermine health care of the nation from profiteers’ who have fast enough realized fraud in Medicare and thus led to the existence of individuals who undergo distraught and tristful situations due to such tormenting phases of family loss .There should also be formulations of Intermittent operations by dauntless and reticent research officials trained to pursue special missions. Such resilient efforts, the observations of the stipulated ethical rights should nonetheless be feasible enough to give power to help the agency.

In addition, implementations of such plans result suppression of any viable threat and thus the goal of providing the most proficient health and human services.Furthemore the department is able to focus their time in coming up with the necessary antidotes that are needed in the treatment of certain sort term and long term diseases. Economic vitality is thus maintained and the country is able to provide adequately through equitable delegation of basic needs .


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