PAD 599 Week 4 Discussion 4b Responsibility or Ethics

Responsibility or Ethics.





Responsibility or Ethics

Ethics refers to the moral principles under which an individual is mandated to uphold regardless of the democratic leniency; while performing their obligations considerate of what is right and that which Is wrong .Responsibility on the other hand pertains to the duty of overseeing the eventual success of an ongoing task to the extent of its completion. The health and human departmental agency is one precise example of a unit whose level of ethical and responsibility perceptions are at end the far most critical requirements to ensure smooth sequential progression of day to day activities .

Current activities that have recently invoked tabloid attentions have been on the issue of fraudulent activities within the healthcare field to which profiteers’ have indulged in. Such have undermined the level of unwavering certainty by the citizens in reaction with the major, minor and catastrophic effects that endanger them if the agency are negligible. However it comforts to say that this is not the case. Given the set rules and implications conditioned on such acts, the departments has in liaison with various agencies like the federal agency put efforts and employed specialised personnel to aid and disrupt the continuity of such. This comes after several initiatives to erode through apprehending all suspected criminal lunatics who per take in carrying out such practices that initiate speculative threats to profit themselves.

A perfect example of the sort is the Maryland health care fraud case where a court jury passed a ten year sentence verdict to be served by the leaders in charge of the Alpha Diagnostics company. This major stride to chronicle the magnitude of such mischievous violations serves has aided and abided in the success of monitoring the ethical standards of health and Medicare. These amidst other formidable actions have proved to be best way to overcome fraudulent activities. Nevertheless the agency has called on whistleblowers and the citizens to act responsibly by reporting any leads on such schemes and offered to pay hefty rewards to those who boldly come forward to address such issues through positive criticism.


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