PAD 599 week 5 DISCUSSION 5B Agency Legislation

Agency Legislation





In the attempt of overseeing the execution of mandated obligations towards the department of Health and Humans services departmental set affidavits are put in place to encompass and spearhead the acquisition of set objectives. Every time the re-interpretation due to the re-organization of an agency is done, comes along new judicious canons are imposed to curb and improve surveillances on the routines that involve critical thresholds to achieve their successful completion. Since the department of health is a delicate aspect of attention to the country’s citizens it is always necessary to implement new rules to enhance provision of quality health and human services.

In an era where Medicare has been corrupted through the intrusion of criminal lunatics who have divulged ways through which they can masquerade and pose as medical practioners for, individual beneficial of fraudulent profits ,current legislative regulations have been impacted to ensure that mandatory licensing on the completion of precise medical practice in the different field of medical profession. This is being done to ascertain the credential and competency levels to which both public and private employees are fit to perform any medical attention to their patients .The Maryland district court has so far worked in liaison with the federal officers to eradicate such levels of impunity and the exercise has so far bore fruits through the apprehension of such sinister and mischievous profiteers’ who clearly do not regard the ethical practices that result to carnages caused by moral aptitude.

In addition there has been regulation in their has been modulation of certification of medical practioners .This has been enabled by the impeachment of quack employers’ who subscribe to taking bribes to secure jobs for individuals who are yet to attain the cut on the level of study and grades that one should have attained .Through this exemplary action there has been implementation of scrutiny routines far from the professional interviewing scheme. Other improvised intermittent tests have been imposed to ensure that the type of steps followed to employ an individual are not predictable but dynamic to restore the vigilance and level of ethical integrity required in this realm of profession that requires absolute dedication towards work. Furthermore different political practices have been impacted to result a change; such include sponsorship on organized runs to support the agency, creating alliances with other countries with the sole aim of ostensibly understanding their methods of dealing with different epidemics .Delivering aid to areas where it is scarce by setting up camps to which patients can get treatment for any ailment and get referred if they face chronic conditions .Such exercises’ have aided the efforts of the agency to ensure good and efficient provision of Medicare.


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