PAD 599 week 6 Discussion Board 6b Intergovernmental Relations.

Intergovernmental Relations





Intergovernmental Relations

In partnership with the department of corrections and Juvenile Justice, the Health and human services department;an agency tasked with the mission of protecting and enhancing health and well being of all Americans ,now works in liaison with this two departments commissioners’ to foster good raptor .Currently, funds have been contributed to oversee the successful execution of certain similar extensions on the youth. Each of the two departments,The Corrections and juvenile justice department tasked with the tasks of are aligning the systems of care models that are in connection with the justice division through individual parole to ensure successful impositions of probation periods of convicts and the juvenile service that seeks to liberate the youth from having to undergo trauma after committing different offensive acts .

This has enabled the emulation of suggested initiatives’ and perceptive from philanthropic citizens who have decided to fund programs through legislation by the jurisdiction of the court’s verdict to suppress the hostility that accompany such rehabilitation practices but still uphold empathy and but still deliver their missions. Some of these plans are; examine processes within organizational settings and review how the three departments can team up to invoke the necessary methodologies to be gradually followed. Such For instance the three have joined to eradicate the threat on drug abuse since all the departments share a similar interest to counteract all thoughtful plans to coerce this predicament. This comes after the fact that the corrections unit is responsible for the mandatory change of behavior with respect to the reasons behind it the juvenile works on enhancing exercises to manage the gradual transformation and erode any iota of sinister character whereas the health center aids in determining the level of health care required to curb the ordeals .Another reason is based on the protection against institutional violence and their proper care .This aids in ensuring the resilient level of security through ensuring that all inmates receive effective attention on every ones unique needs.


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