PED 212 week 3 asignment – powerpoint

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Children’s Health Awareness


The child health awareness can be done with the relationship with the family as well as the physical activity carried out by them in an effective way.Then the health must be maintained by the family in order to safeguard the children from the infant to the adult stage in an effective manner.

Stages of motor development

The various Stages of motor development are Infant hood Early childhood Later childhood

Infant hood

At the age of 3 months the child will voluntary reach and improves its accuracy.By the 5 months the reaching is reduced as they will have the object to be moved within their reach.The at 9 months the infant can easily redirect the reaching to obtain a moving object which changes direction.

Early childhood

Skills that appear at the early childhood areBasic loco motorBall handlingFine form of the eye-hand coordinationClimbing mainly evolves from that of creeping at this stage.

Later childhood

Then the following characteristics are found in the later childhood :Changes are always subtle to that of the fine motor skills efficientlyBy the 9 years the eye-hand coordination will be developed in a good wayGrowth is always slowLinks includes the physical development in the body.

Later childhood

The following are identified during this stageRunningJumpingThrowingBalancing as well as coordination

Families in physical activity

The parents must Identify the barriers that could prevent the children from that of community locations as well as other suggestion form others (Wolfram, 2008).The Encourage of families are required who are considering a need for the move of residence in order consider the opportunities for an physical activity at new location.Providing the need for built structures like that of the playgrounds that will provide more form of the opportunities for physical activity.


The various examples of the healthy physical activity includes the Playing nature of childrenRunning activitiesSports attitude must be developed among themThen the examples of the healthy eating activity includes the Parents guidance in childhoodProviding variety of foods to taste as it will be helpful in adult stage


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