Peer Review

Peer Review






The Rough Draft on Helping Hand by Jermeen Thomas has a good background story and introduction as well. The description about the work of the organization and how the society benefits from this was very detailed. I found it interesting that the organization aims at helping people through empowerment services like Trade and Skill Acquisition Services, Asset and Property Support, Humanitarian services, Financial Empowerment Services and Scholarship Award Services. It was also interesting that the volunteers could assist in making the society better through contributions or participating in events.

The rough draft on US Coast Auxiliary was interesting. The student did a good job in doing good research on the history behind the US Coast Auxiliary. I found the paper very explanatory about the organization and why it needed many volunteers. The standards that were used in recruiting volunteers was good because they are an organization interested in working with disciplined children. I felt that Robert did a very good work, and provided analysis that supported his claim.