Personal affiliations and networking are important for nursing leaders

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Personal affiliations and networking are important for nursing leaders. Why are these important? How will they benefit you in your career future?

Cultivating personal affiliations and networking can help leaders not only reach their own professional goals but can also contribute to better patient care and outcomes.  The power of knowing and connecting with people helps us gather information across lines between departments and with other facilities that can help the our department or us individually stay current and competitive (Huber, 2014).

Connection power is defined in our text book as a “strategy to get information accurately and reliably.  Connection power is based on another’s perception that the influencer has access to powerful persons or groups” (Huber, 2014).  When I was in my preceptorship, I made sure to write each nurse I worked with a personal note, fill out a “bead for deed” form for each one of them which gave them recognition on a group level and asked the shift manager if he would introduce me to the hiring managers.  Many of those nurses talked to management on my behalf and ultimately they hired me, a stay-at-home mom of 12 years with an associates degree.  My classmates had not done that and when applying for the same jobs, they were not hired despite better experience and bachelors degrees.  Making connections is essential in opening opportunities and gaining knowledge. 

Networking may come in formal settings like the American Association of Critical-Care Nursing where we received top-notch information on latest industry trends or in informal seetings such as nurses routinely having lunch together who use that time to gather knowledge on problem solving, gathering information and patient care as well as networking (Huber, 2014).

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