Personal Assessment of Strengths

Personal Assessment of Strenghts

Bus 302 Management Concepts – Strayer University

Personal Assessment of Strengths

Initially, my reaction wasn’t a surprise as I already felt I had these strengths. I was however surprised on how accurate the assessment was of my strengths. Said strengths being Achiever, Belief, Strategic, Relator and Responsibility. I already believed I had these and other strengths, but this verified this belief.

I use these strengths on a daily basis at the company I manage. Achiever comes from my work ethics as a hard worker and positive production. This strength helped me achieve the role as manager at my company is a fairly short period of time. Belief is a strong strength in my management role as I believe in the core values of my company and it also helps define who I am as a manager. Strategic plays a factor in regards to problem files and how strategy is needed on how to address the problems and come up with a solution. It also helps with coming up with ways to better the company. Relator helps with manager/employee relations. Our company is thought to be like a family and having good relations between all of the staff helps us in remaining successful. Lastly Responsibility is one of the biggest as this helps give stability, honesty and loyal values within the company. Our employees are all of these to the company because of the strengths listed.

Traits are import in becoming a great leader. First off I look at attitude. There are times when I need to work on my reaction when I’m approached. I get so focused on a calculation, which I tend to push off an employee. I have since worked on my attitude and have made this a stronger trait. Maturity is a very strong trait. You cannot have a great leader/manager if you have a younger immature person that doesn’t take their role seriously. Maturity also gives a leader that level headed approach and doesn’t overreact to issues within the company. Flexibility is a strong trait for a good leader. This shows the employees that you as a leader are understanding in an employee’s needs and timeframes. Hands on is that last one I will write about. A leader that dives into a task and gets their hands dirty will gain the respect from the staff. A pro-active approach is very valuable and will also give the employees the same approach and push for success. These traits are important for a leader as well as a manager in order to be successful in a company.

The degree I am pursuing is going to help me get my licensing in the State of and will help me to own the company I currently manage in the next few years. My strengths that I will utilize in my pursuit are Achiever as I am a hard worker and take much satisfaction in my work and productivity, Belief as this degree will help me complete this goal/purpose for my career and Strategic will help me analyze the problems and tests that I take to achieve the maximum grade for each class. I use these strengths already on a day to day basis and my career is already set. My next journey in my company to become the owner and president and this is already put into motion with the owner as he is looking for my years of experience and dedication as a trustworthy successor for him and he has told me that I have the talent to be a successful owner.